Unique Ecosystems of Central Siberia

International ecological summer school “Unique Ecosystems of Central Siberia” of Siberian State Aerospace University offers a great opportunity for foreign and Russian students to get acquainted with the heart of Siberia, Krasnoyarsky Kray, and to observe its beauty.

Participants will get a chance to be taken on a voyage through unique natural and artificial ecosystems of Central Siberia, to witness fauna and flora behavior in natural medium and to see with their own eyes the differentiation between the 5 Climate Regions!

Besides academic classes, participants will acquire knowledge in the open air. They will gain an opportunity to dive into depths, to climb some peaks, to visit the Republic of Khakassia – an extensive territory with numerous lakes and rivers, countless steppes and sainted places – and to experience the power of Yenisey, one of the largest rivers in the world.

Period: 22 July - 06 August, 2012


Academic fields:

  • biodiversity support: history of nature conservation, strategies and programmes for biodiversity support, protected areas and its categories, conservation priorities, principles and conflicts;
  • biotesting: assessment of anthropogenic load level by bioindication methods;
  • landscape science: comparative analysis of various natural and artificial landscapes of Central Siberia;
  • speleobiology: calculation of bats, microscopic study, microbiological analysis;
  • identification of microcenosis and phytocenosis.

Field practice is planned to be conducted at the national park “Stolby”, Khakassia lakes, the Krasnoyarsk reservoir and the Karaulnaya cave.

Hours per week, incl. classes in the open air: 34.

All participants will take exams and obtain transcripts with ECTS credits.

Language of instruction: English

Cost €1100 includes

  • learning (135 hours or 5 ECTS credits);
  • dwelling in Khakassia – no-frills summer houses for 3-4 persons;
  • three meals a day in Khakassia;
  • visit of the Karaulnaya cave;
  • transport charges to Khakassia and back to Krasnoyarsk;
  • cultural programme (sightseeing tour, visit of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Museum of Local Lore, V.I. Surikov Estate-Museum, V.P. Astafyev Estate-Museum, National Park “Stolby”, Fun-Park “Bobrovy Log”, The Krasnoyarsk Dam, etc.);
  • travel pass for all transports;
  • full medical insurance within the whole period of stay;
  • use of Internet in the University;
  • equipment rental for practice at the cave and rock-climbing.

Additionally paid:

  • dwelling (at the hotel, single rooms, amenities for two rooms) €220, incl. breakfast;
  • air travel;
  • visa procurement;
  • meals (supper, dinner, about €200 for 16 days);
  • additional excursions, amusements, the Russian language (optional).

Deadline: 15 May 2012

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