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Top Undergraduate Pathways in Spanish 2019

For many students, attending university has been a lifelong dream; however, if they lack the necessary English literacy skills, they may be unable to fulfill their goal. An undergraduate pathway program helps students acquire these skills.

What is an undergraduate pathway in Spanish? While it may seem unusual, most pathway programs in Spanish feature a heavy emphasis on academic English. Students often take classes that focus on improving reading, writing, listening and speaking in English. In addition to these English-focused courses, students can also earn credit toward an undergraduate degree in Spanish. They do this by taking one or two introductory Spanish classes. Depending on students’ proficiencies, they could begin with a more advanced Spanish conversation course.

You can acquire several benefits by beginning an undergraduate pathway in Spanish. You can learn how to study, take notes and research. You don’t gain these skills in isolation. Once you learn how to utilize them in an English-focused class, you can apply those same skills to Spanish coursework.

Tuition costs vary by university, though many pathway programs tend to have similar costs to other university credits. The number of classes and the amount of time you take to finish the pathway program can also impact cost.

Completing a pathway program in Spanish along with its accompanying undergraduate degree can lead to many exciting career opportunities. With fluency in both Spanish and English, a job candidate could find a career as a Spanish teacher. Similarly, jobs are also available as translators. Having an academic background in Spanish is also a marketable skill for a foreign correspondent in Spanish-speaking countries. The business world has jobs as salespeople, customer service representatives, human relations managers and marketers that can all benefit from a background in Spanish.


When it comes to beginning an undergraduate pathway in Spanish, programs can be found around the globe, both locally and online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Colorado State University

International Year One in Languages, Literature and Culture will prepare you to enter your next semester of a bachelor’s degree program at Colorado State University. Upon ... [+]

International Year One in Languages, Literature and Culture will prepare you to enter your next semester of a bachelor’s degree program at Colorado State University.

Upon successful completion of International Year One and meeting university requirements for undergraduate admission, you may enter your next semester of undergraduate study at Colorado State University. This transition from an INTO International Year One program to a university degree program is called progression.

Degree Program Components

120 credit hour program 8-32 credit hours apply from Pathway 88-112 credits remaining toward a degree Course features Begin earning credits toward your degree even if you don’t meet the academic and English requirements for direct entry. Receive additional support to move you successfully through your first year at a US university. Graduate in the same amount of time as domestic students. Smaller class sizes allow you to spend more time with your teachers. Develop the knowledge and skills for your degree through your chosen pathway. Key course facts Course length: 1-3 Semesters Start dates: 2019: January, May, August; 2020: January, May Fees: From $18,510 Class hours: 12-16 hours per week Class size: 14 Award: This program leads to the following bachelor's degree programs at Colorado State University within the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures: Spanish, BA or French, BA. Course options: 1-Semester Pathway 2-Semester Pathway 3-Semester Pathway Entry requirements Academic requirements: High school diploma; 2.3 GPA. English language requirements: From IELTS 5.0 or TOEFL 50 or equivalent Age requirements: 16 years and above. ... [-]
USA Fort Collins
August 2019
1 - 3 semesters