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Top Undergraduate Pathways in Marketing Studies 2018

Marketing Studies

Students who take undergraduate pathway programs have the unique opportunity to work on their second-language skills while studying towards a university degree. Living and studying in another culture can open participants’ horizons and strengthen their writing and speaking skills.

What is an undergraduate pathway in marketing studies? This pathway gives students the opportunity to study the most effective ways to disseminate information and advertisements to specific audiences. This process of demonstrating the value of a product or service to potential customers can be useful in a number of different business careers. Classes that may be included are consumer behavior, finance, global marketing, research, data analysis, and logistics strategies.

Marketing studies can offer participants skills that may be helpful in many different workplaces. These skills may include ability to analyze data and effectively communicate with an audience. Furthermore, students may learn the benefit of time-management from undertaking a large number of projects at once.

Students often attend pathway programs for anywhere from one to three semesters. When this variable length is paired with the variability in types of schools, it can be difficult to determine the standard price of an undergraduate program. Students interested should research the school before attending.

When it comes to potential career fields, marketing studies casts a wide net for students. The skills learned can be used in almost any business environment but are especially helpful for positions such as market research analyst, brand manager, chief marketing officer, promotions consultant, public relations manager, media buyer, advertising manager, publicist, recruiter, event manager, pharmaceutical sales representative, content writer, or art director.

For participants who want to enroll in a pathway program, schools all over the world can provide in-person or online course options. That way, your location doesn’t have to limit your ability to participate. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Undergraduate Pathway in Marketing

University of Portsmouth - International College Portsmouth
Campus Full time 1 - 2 semesters Open Enrollment United Kingdom Portsmouth

Foundation or International First Year Degree entry [+]

Foundation or International First Year Degree entry

Start dates:

September and January


Foundation – One or two semesters depending on qualifications

First Year Degree – two semesters


£7,600 (one-semester); £12,400 (two-semesters)

Foundation Modules: Business Accounting Business Environment Business Management Business Studies Economics ICT Skills Interactive Learning Skills and Communication Mathematics for Business First Year Degree Modules:
 Business Information Systems Business Accounting Business Environment Business Operations Business Statistics Economics Interactive Learning Skills and Communication Marketing Organisational Behaviour About ICP Guaranteed progression to the University of Portsmouth upon successful completion of your course at ICP – 96% progression rates Single visa for the full duration of your studies Over 2,100 students have successfully progressed from ICP to University of Portsmouth since 2009 ... [-]