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Energy Studies

Pathway programs allow international students to focus on a particular career while simultaneously developing their language comprehension skills. These programs can be completed relatively quickly and may enable students to immediately pursue a bachelor’s degree.

What is an undergraduate pathway in energy studies? This is an option for undergraduate students interested in a career in the growing, changing field of energy. While students work to improve their speaking and writing skills, they may also take useful math and science classes, as well as introductory courses on economics and social sciences. Many programs focus on reading and writing before moving onto classes more specifically related to career goals. Some students may be offered elective courses as part of the language portion of the class.

Completing a pathway program is a significant career step as well as a means of developing important life skills. Students often see improved reading comprehension skills, while also learning to communicate clearly and becoming more adept with research and analysis.

Many undergraduate pathway programs are tied into degree programs at specific universities. Because of this, the cost will depend on where a student studies, as well as the focus of the program. To get more details about price, it’s best to contact an admissions office directly.

Completing an undergraduate pathway in energy studies can lead to several educational and career options. Many students will be able to pursue a bachelor’s degree in any number of energy-related fields, including energy development, resource management and renewable resource studies. Energy careers may include researchers and scientists conducting exciting fieldwork in such industries as oil, timber and natural gas, as well as roles as managers and directors within organizations that handle energy development and production.


When developing language skills and focusing on potential careers, students are wise to consider a pathway program in energy studies. To get more information, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Undergraduate Pathway in Petroleum Engineering

University of Portsmouth - International College Portsmouth
Campus Full time 2 semesters Open Enrollment United Kingdom Portsmouth

Foundation and First Year Degree Entry [+]

Foundation and First Year Degree Entry

Start dates: September and January (foundation only)

Duration: Two semesters

Fees: £13,400

Foundation Modules Chemistry 1 (Petroleum Engineering only) Design Concepts (Civil Engineering only) ICT Skills Interactive Learning Skills and Communication 3 Numerical Techniques 1 Numerical Techniques 3 Engineering Principles 1 Engineering Principles 2 Programming Concepts (non-Civil Engineering) Research Methods, Critical Thinking, and Expression First Year Degree Modules Introduction to Petroleum Engineering Principles of Petroleum Engineering Chemistry for Petroleum Engineering Earth Processes Communication and Engineering Technology Appreciation Mathematical Principles About ICP Guaranteed progression to the University of Portsmouth upon successful completion of your course at ICP – 96% progression rates Single visa for the full duration of your studies Over 2,100 students have successfully progressed from ICP to University of Portsmouth since 2009 ... [-]