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Top 2 Undergraduate Pathways in Economics 2019

International students who want to both study English and take courses toward an undergraduate degree can enroll in an undergraduate pathway program. Students will typically find pathway programs through an affiliate school of a U.S. college or university. When the program is completed, scholars are typically given “conditional acceptance” to the U.S. school to complete their degree.

What is an undergraduate pathway in economics? Those interested in pursuing a degree in economics will learn how various entities, from individuals and households to businesses and governments, manage resources. These resources go beyond money and can include manufactured goods and unemployment rates. To conduct an analysis of these markets, coursework focuses on applied mathematics, such as statistics and labor economics. The history of economic systems and economic theories are also emphasized.

Students often graduate with a defined set of skills necessary for success in the field of economics. Economists programs also commonly impart strong problem-solving skills so students can provide informed recommendations. Learners also gain analytical skills to better understand the data they uncover. Moreover, communication is a learned skill, since economists are called on to explain complex ideas.

It takes about a year to complete an undergraduate pathway program. Whether the student attends full- or part-time could change that timeline. Tuition depends on the school, where it is located, and if it is private or public. Compare schools and prices to find the most appropriate.

Professional opportunities abound for skilled economists. Many can find jobs as economic advisors in both the private and public sector, helping banks and other financial institutions plan for future growth or advising governmental leaders on how best to steer economic policy. Some graduates may choose to become accountants, making sure companies remain on budget and spend wisely. Others may decide to work in a company’s compensation and benefits department, analyzing how employees are paid for the work they do.


Anyone interested in an undergraduate pathway in economics will find opportunity at affiliate schools around the world, as well as online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Why apply for the International Year One programme? A route to Year 2 of an undergraduate degree at UEA (subject to meeting the specified entry requirements). You are a student of the University from day one, on a quality-assured, UEA-validated programme. Professional help and support with your application to university.

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October 2019
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