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Top Undergraduate Pathways in Business Administration 2019

Enrolling in an undergraduate pathway can often prepare people to enter a more advanced program by giving them a firm grasp on language. This allows them to meet certain prerequisites to excel in the program of their choice.

What is an undergraduate pathway in business administration? Through various business-related courses, this type of program usually helps students gain a better understanding of the language associated with the topic. Students often study finance, accounting, economics, and business theory to gain a firm knowledge of the subject. Management theory and strategy implementation may also be covered during the program.

An undergraduate pathway in business administration typically gives people the opportunity to hone three core skills that can help in both their personal and professional lives. Strong communication skills are generally beneficial for building business networks as well as creating personal relationships. Competencies in leadership and problem-solving could lead to higher-paying jobs in the future.

To find out how much it costs to enroll in an undergraduate pathway program, it is usually a good idea to contact schools of interest directly. Due to the fact that no two universities are exactly alike, the price often varies drastically.

With the world of business expanding rapidly, there is almost always a demand for students with a background in administration. Many people elect to become business consultants or strategists, while others choose to work as logistics managers. Positions as administrative officials or secretaries may be available. Students can also become entrepreneurs, business managers, and data analysts. Careers as investment bankers or office managers are also popular options.

With digital technology expanding on a daily basis, universities all over the world are taking advantage of online programs to reach students who live remotely. While many people still attend classes on campus, remote courses are growing in popularity. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Colorado State University

International Year One in Business Administration will prepare you to enter your next semester of a bachelor’s degree program at Colorado State University. Upon successfu ... [+]

International Year One in Business Administration will prepare you to enter your next semester of a bachelor’s degree program at Colorado State University.

Upon successful completion of International Year One and meeting university requirements for undergraduate admission, you may enter your next semester of undergraduate study at Colorado State University. This transition from an INTO International Year One program to a university degree program is called progression.

Degree Program Components


120 credit hour program 30-32 credit hours apply from Pathway 88-90 credits remaining toward a degree


120 credit hour program 16 credit hours apply from Pathway 104 credits remaining toward a degree Course features Begin earning credits toward your degree even if you don’t meet the academic and English requirements for direct entry. Receive additional support to move you successfully through your first year at a US university. Graduate in the same amount of time as domestic students. Smaller class sizes allow you to spend more time with your teachers. Develop the knowledge and skills for your degree through your chosen pathway. Key course facts Course length: 1-3 Semesters Start dates: 2019: January, May, August; 2020: January, May Fees: From $18,510 Class hours: 12-16 hours per week Class size: 14 Award: This program leads to the following bachelor's degree programs at Colorado State University: Accounting Concentration, Information Systems Concentration, Finance Concentration, Human Resource Management Concentration, Marketing Concentration, Management Concentration, Real Estate Concentration, Supply Chain Management Concentration, Financial Planning Concentration, Applied Computing Technology (BS) or Economics (BA). Course options:... [-]
USA Fort Collins
August 2019
1 - 3 semesters