Undergraduate Course -Systems Engineering


1. Understand and manage the impact of Systems Engineering with the purpose of solving problems within a social and global context.

2. Understand, analyze and develop in practice effective solutions for problems related to computing infrastructure, networks and information systems.

3. Be entrepreneur, work as a team, learn on a permanent basis, and communicate effectively.

4. Make decisions in today's environment taking into account professional considerations and society needs within an ethical context.

5. Act ethically and with social responsibility towards different social, cultural, economic and political realities.

6. Develop sustainable business opportunities and lead projects generating economic and social value.

7. Communicate effectively in multidisciplinary and multicultural environments.

8. Apply knowledge in solving today’s problems in various contexts.


  • Standardization of academic credits in order to course other undergraduate programs included in the portfolio of Universidad EAN.
  • Access to virtual and/or on-campus tutoring sessions.
  • Planning of study time according to personal needs and without interfering with professional or employment responsibilities.
  • Permanent access to communication technologies and online cutting-edge services (institutional electronic mail, videoconferences, video recordings, virtual learning objects, thematic forums, technical advice, assessments, simulators, etc.).
  • Permanent online access to specialized literature and national and international databases.
  • Methodology based on business cases and active teaching methods integrating theory and current business reality.
  • Advice on the development of an applied formative research project, on the design of a business plan, on the conduction of a business intervention by using the MMGO model, or on the development of an international academic experience.
  • Permanent accompaniment conducted by teachers with business and academic experience.
  • Apply new knowledge in real environments through the internship process.
  • Possibility of studying at the same time two undergraduate programs included in the portfolio of Universidad EAN.


  • Through a student-focused learning process aimed at developing the skills enough for learning to learn on an autonomous and independent basis.
  • Through a teaching model focused on competencies favoring the knowhow in specific contexts.
  • Through self-regulatory learning processes guided by tutors, thus facilitating the development of competencies that allow students to apply and transfer the theoretical foundations learned in generating solutions to business problems of their operating environment.
  • Through a training process focused on the development of competencies favoring the knowhow in actual business contexts.
  • With a credit-based academic system allowing students to effectively plan and organize their own learning process. One academic credit corresponds to 48 hours of academic activity of students during the academic term.
  • Through the use of simulated and remote labs, thus allowing students to strengthen their knowledge.
  • Through a training process focused on the development of competencies favoring the knowhow in actual business contexts.
  • Through the use of Information and Communication Technologies for academic purposes, supported on Internet, in order to develop interaction and ongoing communication processes between students and tutors, thus promoting meaningful learning.
  • With an academic training system combining autonomous and independent work of students with tutoring sessions, academic work in virtual scenarios, and on-campus sessions, thus having minimal interruption in the activities of students.
  • With the use of high-quality learning material that has been designed to facilitate autonomous learning processes.
  • With the possibility of studying anywhere without being forced to go to the University.
Program taught in:
  • English
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Jan 2020
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Jan 2020
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Jan 2020

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