UK Study Abroad Programme


Program Description

Our UK Study Abroad courses are designed specifically for students like you wanting to experience studying in a UK school. We have students from all over the world coming to learn and experience life in the university city of Oxford.

During your course, you will study English, Maths, Science, Humanities, Languages and Citizenship. Your studies will be active – you will work in teams, you will give presentations, you will write reports – all helping you develop your study skills. Your lesson will be full of discussion, active learning and laughter! We like studying to be fun.

You will:

  • Live with a local host family carefully selected by us and close to the school. You will live there usually with one or two other students from the school. This friendly family environment will help you learn more about the UK.
  • Study at the Swan Building, where our International Section is based, close to the centre of Oxford. At The Swan, there are brand new laboratories (for practical hands-on science!), new art facilities, teaching rooms, a library, a common and dining room and lovely large gardens where you can relax. You be based at The Swan all day- you will have your lunch, evening meal and activities here.
  • Have your weekly sports, activities and social and leisure programme with the rest of the school meeting, socialising and competing in teams local students. There will be school trips and events throughout your time with us.
  • Be taught in small classes by some outstanding teachers who have helped make this school so successful.
  • Be close to the centre of the world-famous city of Oxford. This is a very student-friendly city offering many activities and places of interest where we can take you.
  • Be well looked after at school and in your accommodation so you feel happy, enjoy your time with us and make friends easily. We will keep in close communication with your family.

The Study Abroad terms cover a wide range of subjects at an introductory level. They allow students to develop their language skills across the curriculum and also help students to:

  • Learn to work independently through project-based assignments and teamwork activities.
  • Develop important life-skills, including organisation and time-management.
  • Learn about British culture. Both inside and outside the classroom you will find out about life in the UK today.
  • Become a global citizen. By living and studying alongside students not only from the UK but also around the world, you will build important cultural awareness skills and become a global citizen.

Our UK Study Abroad courses provide a wonderful, exciting experience of studying at a British school. Some students enjoy it so much they come back and study for longer!

TRACK: Theory of Research, Active Citizenship & Knowledge

This is an innovative part of the curriculum for all students at the International School.
Studying this programme ensures they are on the right track to develop key skills for future studies in the UK or abroad including the International Baccalaureate.

It includes:

  • Global Citizenship
  • Community Action and Service
  • Theory of Knowledge
  • Project work: student research a topic area (homelessness, language and communication, food, water and the environment) and work as a team, researching causes of the particular problem, a negotiated and agreed viable plan, and some form of meaningful action
  • Extended Project (Level 1 or 2): students choose an area of own academic research (optional)

Entry Requirements

  • Age: 13+
  • Start date: September, January, April
  • Duration: One, two or three terms
  • Minimum language level (CEFR): B1.1
Last updated Jan 2020

About the School

We are often asked what it is that makes d’Overbroeck’s different from other schools. The answer lies in our shared values and a relaxed but vibrant atmosphere, where the individual is key and laughte ... Read More

We are often asked what it is that makes d’Overbroeck’s different from other schools. The answer lies in our shared values and a relaxed but vibrant atmosphere, where the individual is key and laughter is an essential part of everyday life. Read less