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Program Description

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Why study Forecasting and Trend Analysis?

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Course summary

Emerging ideas and future trends are beneficial for companies looking for guidance and con fi rmation of product development and marketing strategies. These trends cannot be seen in isolation from the current market environment, but as part of a broader framework applicable to other areas of design and marketing. This course will explore new trends that will shape the world and their impact on the current global market.

You are expected to criticize and develop forecasting methodologies and search engines to create your own strategic marketing projections and visions. It will apply theoretical and contextual knowledge to identify and define an appropriate concept and demonstrate how visionary marketing technology can be used to communicate with target audiences.

Program content

  • Mega trends
  • Forecasting research tools
  • Macro-environmental analysis
  • Tectonic Changes
  • Marketing Trends
  • Retail trends
  • Game-changers
  • Black Swans
  • Alternative scenarios

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Course Objectives

The objectives of this course are:

  • Provide with the knowledge and critical awareness of forecasting trends and the processes used to identify and use them in today's global market.
  • Enable for the analysis and evaluation of the difference between commercial megatrends, tectonic shifts and Game changers, and apply them to your marketing plan.
  • Enable for further exploration, development and articulation of new ideas for alternative scenarios and discuss their impacts.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing the course you will be able to:

  • Critically analyze and evaluate the development of trends and develop ideas through the application and evaluation of new alternative scenarios.
  • Identify, analyze and summarize your knowledge of megatrends, tectonic changes and game changers.
  • Demonstrate through trends and analytical research, how scenario analysis has an impact on marketing strategies, creating an original marketing proposal using theoretical methods and trend forecasting research tools.

This course is aimed at students, professionals, entrepreneurs and managers with the ambition to have a consolidated career in the marketing area. This course prepares you for employment or entrepreneurship by developing projects with real application, reflection and analysis of real case studies from the marketing industry, suggested throughout the course.

Evaluation Methodology

Trend report and video presentation.

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Certificate issued by the London School of Design and Marketing


Investment: £ 1250 (single payment)

Application requirements

Degree in Design / Marketing / Business Management
Recognition of Prior Learning / Professional Experience.

Last updated Aug 2020

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Desenvolvida em 2016, a London School of Design and Marketing propõe alterar o paradigma do ensino, proporcionando aos estudantes novos desafios com base nas suas vocações.

Desenvolvida em 2016, a London School of Design and Marketing propõe alterar o paradigma do ensino, proporcionando aos estudantes novos desafios com base nas suas vocações. Read less
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