The trip pleasure is treated as a life experience that enriches the person, so having initiation and source of knowledge. A fun activity that image registration is one of the biggest attractions.

Travel and shooting are inseparable for the vast majority Globetrotters; however, their motivations are different: preserve a memory, tell others your experience, sort, catalog lessons learned, feel the challenge of discovering the joy of creating ...

This Travel Photography course provides the technical, compositional, expressive and narrative skills necessary for participants to be able to photograph based on certain interests and compose a valuable story of the place visited.

Addressing photographic genres such as portraiture, landscape, architecture, entertainment or sports, students gain a wealth of knowledge, judgment and action security to enable them to deal with ease to most situations.

The course encourages a deeper and more personal view on the subject photographed, giving priority to quality over quantity. To do this, it affects the editing criteria, essential for cohesion and coherence make suggestive result.

Delve into guidance on the organization of the journey, respecting the new societies, patterns of behavior to arouse empathy, tactics to avoid superficial glance or keys for an impromptu interview.

Finally, suggests those contributions that enrich the final product: the inclusion of texts, possible testimony or interviews, sounds collected, generated documentation ...

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