Learning to do this is the underlying principle of the three-year courses at Raffles Milano, a training path that structures the mind, provides a solid technical baggage and makes you want to broaden your horizons of life.


The fashion system is a vast, articulated, even unpredictable territory where the classic sense meets the most thrilling experimentation. There are no recipes to emerge. There is predisposition to work, a desire to know and measure with the outside world and its thousands of cultures: high, pop, ethno ... There is an acute eye - to be trained - able to capture the smallest detail. An eye familiar with traditional tailoring methods but is not afraid to offer irriverent elegance.

Professional Opportunities

The world of style and professions is evolving, traditional categories are becoming porous. In addition to the careers inside the fashion houses, alongside the great designers (designer assistant, pattern maker, production assistant, fashion stylist and fashion illustrator) or in their own, internationally they are creating a series of crossing type functions and opportunities , Linked to creativity, production, distribution and promotion. Even in these contexts, relying on high-profile preparation is almost always the winning card.

Who is

The course is aimed at candidates with a high school diploma and students from Italian or international universities. The ideal candidate is driven by a sincere passion for design, style and costume, and wishes to embark on a career in the fashion world by leveraging on their own design, interpretation and communication skills, as well as their talents and talents. During the three years of the course, students acquire unresponsive reading keys, which can be applied effectively in future professional and creative contexts.


First year: Elective elements in the study of Fashion design, general framing. Second year: Intermediate development of specific themes and insights. Third year: completion of the themes, final project and portfolio building. In particular, students analyze shapes, silhouettes, materials, production processes, social and costume factors that are the basis of a conscious, articulated and original design. The atmosphere in the classroom encourages individual expression and exploration of new territories and contexts, even far from the norm.


  • Anticipating Trends.
  • The fashion system.
  • History of Art and Costume History.
  • Pattern making.
  • Fabrics and raw materials.
  • Design of clothes.
  • Product development.
  • Fashion design.
  • Collection collage.
  • Marketing and research.

Project professors

Professionals, project designers who have left their mark, and long-standing teaching behind them, are well-known. They have an open and decidedly international look. They are part of a cohesive and fertile group, and they love to be confronted with the course progress, the opportunities that come running and the performance of individual students.

  • Venus De Russi
Saverio Palatella

Michel Lund
michellund.Linkedin Pina Gandolfi
Fashion & Style Editor
rollingstone.it Andrea Diletto
sartoriadiletto.com Andrea Sagrini
andreasagrini.Linkedin Sergio Salerni
Artistic director
urbanproduction.it Mary Candida Gentile
Mâitre perfumed
mariacandidagentile.com Giovanni Pelloso
Historical and photographic critic
giovannipelloso.Linkedin Luigi Ciuffreda
luigiciuffreda.Linkedin Luisa Milani
Graphic designer
latigre.net Lia Luzzatto
Color consultant
color-and-colors.it Cesare Maria Cunaccia
Writer / Journalist Giuseppe Ardrizzo
epistemologo Project: Rodolfo Del Chiaro
rodolfodelchiaro.Linkedin Project: Jean Marie Ardu
Fashion designer


In nearly thirty years of activity, Raffles Group has built a solid network of partners who collaborate in Triennial Courses and Master's. The reputation of the companies and the quality of the relationships developed are the guarantee of a decisively fertile encounter between education and business worlds.

Adidas, Aigner, B & O - Bang & Olufsen, Boucheron, Brother, Bulgari, Burberry, C & A, Cartier, Chanel, Chloé, Design Business Chamber Singapore, Diesel, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Dunhill, Elle, Fendi, Fujifilm Singapore, Giorgio Armani, H & M, Heinz, Hermes, Hogan, HP Technology, HSBC - Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, IKEA, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, Kohler, Lear Corporation, LVMH, Mahogany, Max Mara, MediaCorp, Metro, Michael Kors, Microsoft, Nippon Paint, Nokia, Orchard Road Business Association, Pepsi, Philips, Prada, Puma, Ralph Lauren, Redworks, Richemont, Richmond, Rolex, Saatchi & Laurent Paris, Samsung, Shiseido, Siemens, Singapore Furniture Industries Council, Singapore Jewelers Association, Sony Pictures, Standard Chartered, Textile & Fashion Federation, Tiffany & Co., Valentino, Versace, Y & R, Yves Saint Laurent.

Monday talk

Every Monday night, at 6pm, Raffles Milano invites students to meet a great character in the scene of design, style and culture of the project. Listening directly to the stories and ideas that influence the market and make our minds more progressive is a great opportunity to integrate academic programs. Here are the meetings of next year.


The Triennale provides for the participation of a maximum of 20 students.
Candidates are selected through an individual interview with the Course leader.

Straight line

  • Courses in Italian:

    Students from the European Union and Switzerland

    7.000,00 euro The income band
    9.000,00 euro II The income band
    11.000,00 euro III Income band
    15.000,00 Euro IV Income band
  • Courses in English:

    Students from the European Union and Switzerland

    10.000,00 euro The income band
    11,500.00 euro The income band
    12.500,00 euro III Income band
    15.000,00 Euro IV Income band
  • Extra European Union students, Italian or English courses:
    12.500,00 euro
  • ISEE income statement prospectus:
    The income range up to 40.000,00 euros
    The income band from 40,001.00 to 70,000.00 euros
    III income band from 70,001.00 to 100,000.00 euros
    IV income band over 100,000.00 euros
  • Admission fee
    To apply for admission to the three-year course, an admission fee of 100.00 euros is payable.
Program taught in:
  • English
  • Italian
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3 years
15,000 EUR
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June 1, 2022
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Application deadline
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June 1, 2022