The Leadership Circle Profile Certification


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Program Description

The Leadership Circle Profile Certification

For experienced coaches who want to add depth to their leadership coaching sessions, The Leadership Circle Profile™ and Certification are owned by The Leadership Circle. Schouten Global is the European partner, holding the license for the Certification training, which allows coaches around the world to work with this powerful assessment instrument.

The Leadership Circle

Leaders today must balance a complex mindset that matches the complexity of their business realities. Developing leaders at this pace of change is not easy. To make leadership into a competitive advantage, organizations must begin to see the effectiveness of their current leadership as strategically central to its future. Not an HR-or staff-driven effort, this is a strategic imperative, the job of the executive suite. In partnership with the Leadership Circle, Schouten Global now certifies coaches and trainers to use the Leadership Circle development framework and supports them to take their conversations with senior leaders to a deeper level. In this certification program, you will gain in-depth knowledge about the theoretical models and stage of a development framework that the Leadership Circle Profile is built upon. There are many leadership and personal development frameworks integrated into this powerful assessment, and the more you know how to use them, the more you are able to help your clients be more effective. This training has been developed specifically for internal and external practitioners who want to enhance the leadership effectiveness of the individual and collective leadership within their clients or their own organization. Leadership Circle Profile Certification Increase the effectiveness of the leaders you coach

  • more depth to your coaching sessions
  • more insight, for your coachee, into the effectiveness of his/her leadership
  • develop yourself - become a TLCP-certified coach

Target group

This 3- or 4-day certification program is for leadership development facilitators, consultants, executive coaches, HRD professionals, organizational development professionals and company executives who want to strengthen their coaching skills by working with the most integrated and comprehensive leadership assessment system available. The leadership Circle Profile Certification is a course in which you learn to work with this powerful 360°-feedback instrument. It’s not a coaching course. You are assumed to have a (executive) coaching background already.


Your results after Leadership Circle Profile Certification:

  • You are certified to work with The Leadership Circle Profile™
  • You know the theoretical background on which the profile is based
  • You are able to start up a deep conversation with your coachee by using the TLC 360°-feedback instrument
  • It supports you in working as deeply as the client is capable of going and enabling you to take executive coaching and leadership development to a new level
  • It provides you with practical experience in debriefing the Profile with clients
  • It helps you understand the solid theoretical and statistical foundation upon which the Profile stands and helps you know how to answer questions that clients raise about the validity of the tool
  • It gives you implementation templates for supporting the ongoing learning and follow-through of your clients


Duration: 3 days (4 days from autumn 2017) Language: English Participants: 10 - 15 participants

When and Where

23 November 2017

9:00 AM - 5:30 PM Munich (DE) - English

5 February 2018

9:00 AM - 5:30 PM Amsterdam (NL) English

6 June 2018

9:00 AM - 5:30 PM Bracknell (GB) - English Continue

Last updated Nov 2017

About the School

Being “world-class” is no longer enough; it’s now simply the minimum required to play in today’s market. Schouten Global stands alone in its ability to fuse broad strategic development resources with ... Read More

Being “world-class” is no longer enough; it’s now simply the minimum required to play in today’s market. Schouten Global stands alone in its ability to fuse broad strategic development resources with the expertise of over 700 professional trainers and coaches located around the globe. Read less
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