Everything works like silk: computers configured and connected in network, applications installed and updated. All ready to go. Become an indispensable professional in the computer sector and control all the elements involved for its correct functioning.


Install, configure and maintain micro-information systems, isolated or networked, as well as local networks in small environments, ensuring their functionality and applying the established protocols of quality, safety and respect for the environment. It may operate mainly in service sector companies engaged in the marketing, assembly and repair of microcomputer equipment, networks and services in general, as part of the organization's IT support or in entities of any size and productive sector that Use micro-information systems and data networks for their management.

Course program

First Year Professional Modules

  • Office applications (270 h)
  • Training and job counseling (90 h)
  • Assembly and maintenance of equipment (200 h)
  • Local networks (240 h)
  • Operating systems single-user (200 h)

Second Year Professional Modules

  • Web Applications (100 h)
  • Company and entrepreneurial initiative (65 h)
  • Technical English for medium grade (40 h)
  • Computer security (85 h)
  • Networking (170 h)
  • Network Operating Systems (170 h)
  • Training in Work Centers (370 h)

Professional outings

  • Installer-repairer of computer equipment.
  • Computer support technician.
  • Data network technician.
  • Repair of peripherals of micro-computer systems.
  • Commercial microinformatics.
  • Tele-assistance operator.
  • Systems operator.

Academic progress

At the end of our studies the students can accredit Cambridge First level (with the passing of the official exam evaluated in the own center).

  • Access to higher-level studies (with Apto qualification in the Upper-Level Access Test).
  • Professional specialization courses.
  • The preparation to perform the test of access to higher grade cycles.
  • Another cycle of Professional Training of Medium Degree with the possibility of establishing validations of professional modules according to the current regulations.
  • The Bachillerato in any of its modalities.

Centers in which this course is taught

CampusFP Humanes

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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This course is Campus based
Start Date
2 years