Are you passionate about the world of video games? Now you can work on what you like: animation, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, cinema, television ... Technology in full swing and development with a promising future that needs qualified technicians to create a myriad of virtual worlds. Learn how to use the latest applications for amazing results. The future is seen in 3D!


In this cycle of vocational training you will develop the necessary personal, professional and technical skills in the video game, of the cinema The Digital and multimedia environments. Communication, multimedia and film companies are looking for professionals Creative That help them to innovate, able to generate attractive products applying the latest techniques and mastering the most advanced 3D programs, animation and design.

Course program

First Year Professional Modules

  • Animation of 2D and 3D elements (250h).
  • Color, lighting and 2D and 3D finishes (160h).
  • Design, drawing and modeling for animation (170h).
  • Training and job counseling (90h).
  • Creation of interactive multimedia projects (200h).

Second Year Professional Modules

  • Development of interactive multi-device environments (160h).
  • Company and entrepreneurial initiative (60h).
  • Projects of audiovisual animation 2D and 3D (100h).
  • Interactive games and environments projects (100h).
  • Realization of the assembly and postproduction of audiovisuals (140h).
  • Project of 3D animations, games and interactive environments (40h).
  • Training in work centers (400h).

Professional outings

  • 3D animator.
  • 2D Animator.
  • Interleaver.
  • 3D modeler.
  • Digital graphic designer.
  • Generating virtual spaces.
  • 3D special effects technician.
  • Audiovisual multimedia integrator.
  • Developer of multimedia applications and audiovisual products.
  • Editor of interactive and non interactive multimedia audiovisual content.
  • Technician in systems and realization in multimedia.

Academic progress

  • Professional specialization courses.
  • Another Cycle of Professional Training of Higher Degree with the possibility of establishing validations of professional modules according to the current regulations.
  • National and International University Studies with the corresponding validation of ECTS credits according to current regulations.
  • Normally access to last year of Bachelor (International Degree of the specific area studied).

At the end of our studies the students can accredit Cambridge Advance level (with the passing of the official exam evaluated in the own center).

Centers in which this course is taught

  • CampusFP Humanes Emprende
  • CampusFP Arganda
  • CampusFP Leganés
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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This course is Campus based
Start Date
2 years