Tech Career Acceleration Program (Post-Corona job guaranteed placement)


Program Description

The Covid-19 (corona Virus) opens up new career opportunities - Start the Online part now and continue on-campus career acceleration program later. The Tech Career Acceleration Program at Cademix Institute of Technology is a Training and Coaching Program, which gives you the skills, tools, connections, and insights to boost your employability in the high tech industry. It is a perfect choice for those who want to change their career path or simply move from academia to the high tech industry.

You will attend a practical workshop and 1-to-1 coaching sessions with dedicated advisors. Also, you will get the support to join short term projects with multiple industries and international partners, to improve your resume.

Choose Your Level
Choose Your Pace
Choose Your Platform
  • Postgraduate Level
  • Predoctorate/Postmaster Level
  • Postdoctorate Level
  • Executive Level
  • Regular (3 Months)
  • Intensive (3 to 6 Weeks)
  • Blended Part-Time (6-12 Months)
  • On-Campus
  • Online
  • Blended (Mixed)

Why join Tech Career Acceleration Program

High Demand Jobs

One-third of Open Positions in Industrial R&D in Europe are related to interdisciplinary topics, Computer Design, Engineering, Simulation, rapid manufacturing, Programming, Modeling, Data Analysis or related fields offered at Cademix. The rate is increasing.

Highly Paid Jobs

Interdisciplinary experts earn on average 10% to 20% higher salaries than comparable Engineering Job titles with traditional roles in the industry.

Flexible Working

Most of the interdisciplinary experts can easily negotiate and get a flexible job. This includes Flexible working contracts, freelance working, Home-Office bonuses, and teleworking agreements.

Your Success Guaranteed

The program can be flexibly planned for 6 to 12 months. The Cademix Career Center guarantees the success of Tech Career Acceleration Program participants to find a relevant job or creates a position with a business partner in Europe or North America.

Syllabus & Course Modules

The Cademix Tech Career Acceleration Program is a personalized, project-based and practical training and coaching program that covers these topics:

  • Get Ready for Staff and Performance Appraisal
  • High Tech Business Models
  • CV vs. Market Assessment
  • Essentials of Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing
  • Strategies for Multiple and Parallel Career Paths
  • Mastering Technical and Employment Interviews
  • Professional Networks and Online Profiles
  • Project Management and Business Administration Essentials
  • Risk Assessment and SWOT analysis
  • Strengthsquest Assessment
  • The Art of Technical Negotiation and Selling
  • European Funding Programs: From A to Z
  • Computer-Aided Research and Development: High-Performance Tools
  • Dealing with Diversity and Cultural Integration
  • Agile Project Development Essentials
  • How to influence and lead people
  • Conflict Management and Resolution
  • Basics of Rapid Product Development Cycles
  • Computer-Aided Tools for Scientists and Engineers

Personalized Pathway | Modular Content

Cademix is equipped with cutting edge technologies and communication system to provide modular and personalized courses to students.

This includes communication with industries, future employers, the international community and especially regular exchange with students to provide the best course contents.

As a Student of Cademix, you will enjoy unique benefits:

  • Set your individual Career Goals and target industries.
  • Based on your career goals, and your current skills, you will receive a personalized and flexible curriculum, to optimally use your resources.
  • Since courses are designed as modular contents, you have the flexibility to focus on some specific contents and bypass some of the elective contents, which are not relevant to your career goals.
  • You can choose evaluation Style, for example, Exam based or Project-based.
  • Cademix highly supports interdisciplinary projects, and you can team up with students from other course programs and other universities, to perform an interdisciplinary project.
  • Cademix Students get the maximum support to perform their professional practical training and projects in another European country.

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Dedicated Coach / Advisor

As a Student of Cademix, you will have a dedicated Coach and Advisor to discuss your technical as well as personal and career issues.

You have the chance to join Weekly/Biweekly Meet-ups in the Campus or Online or arrange private appointments.

For further if on this, please contact us online.

Who Should Pursue This Program?

This Program is a Knowledge Upgrade and Career Accelerator for STEM graduates, who see the value and power of computer-aided skills in the ongoing digital transformation. If you have a Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math, this is a perfect choice for you.

The Program is also designed to be an effective alternative to traditional University Master Degrees, which typically takes 2 years to complete, and usually cost you much more, especially if you consider the values of your time and drawbacks of career delays.


If you have a Bachelor's Degree in an engineering or science discipline, then probably you already have most of the technical prerequisites. If you have a different or equivalent educational background, you still may apply, however additional courses may be required. You are expected to have successfully taken previous undergraduate courses in calculus, physics and be familiar with MS Office tools and the internet. It is an advantage if you are familiar with one computer programming language and one CAD Software.

Your relevant job experience and training will be considered when we evaluate your application for prerequisite requirements. You will receive additional information and instructions, once you fill-up the quick online application form.

International Students

If you are an international student interested in taking this program (On-Campus in Austria or Online from your home country), it is highly recommended that you fill-up the Quick Online Application Form as soon as possible. The Cademix international office will be in touch with you and assist you further.


Regular Tuition Fees:

On-Campus (Vienna): €3900, Blended: €3200, Online: €2400

Refundable Down Payment for Full Scholarship Recipients:

On-Campus: €1300, Blended: €1060, Online: €800
(Scholarship, Jobs, and Tuition Fee Refund available up to cover up to 100% of Tuition Fees)

Application Fee: Free (€50, In case of No-Show)

Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

Welcome to Cademix Institute of Technology; the premier and personalized Education, Research and Innovation Institute in the Heart of Europe. Our Mission is to make High Tech Knowledge accessible to e ... Read More

Welcome to Cademix Institute of Technology; the premier and personalized Education, Research and Innovation Institute in the Heart of Europe. Our Mission is to make High Tech Knowledge accessible to everyone. The focus of Cademix is on Computer-Aided Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Mixed Media. As a result, the Cademix offers a wide range of multidisciplinary educational and career acceleration programs in Science, Engineering, Management, Entrepreneurship, and Digital Art. Read less