• Code: Tallerint 3000J
  • Language: English
  • Terms: Short Term, Summer II,
  • Credit: 6
  • Fees: $ USD 2910

Nature has been developing a “living” lab for over 3.8 billion years perfecting it through trial and error. An evolutionary and continuous process, optimizing sustainable life solutions that are effective for the environment. Each organism represents a tremendous learning opportunity, a “success” story on a planet where only 1/10 of all the living beings that existed have survived.


This workshop uses principles of Biomimicry (biology applied to design) to create a hands-on field intensive (three-week) learning experience based on the analysis of natural systems.


Stage 1: Discovering and Abstracting

Selection and analysis of the organism (ultrasound), natural models and design principles. The principal diagrams and sketches that showcase field observation, the parts and relationships of the selected system and the synthesis of the area of study will be presented in a seminar format.

Stage 2: Emulating and Applications

Analysis models of natural strategies, selection of active principle and possible applications-users. The phylogeny of the design or process of models and responsive explorations towards environmental stimuli principle studies will also be presented in a seminar format. You will also conduct brainstorming exercises for possible applications.

Stage 3: Evaluating, Prototyping, and Communicating

Evaluate efficiency principles, prototype development, design briefings, and final production. The conclusions of the phylogeny of the design or research process of the principle studied and its possible application are presented in a seminar format.

Program taught in:
  • English

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Last updated June 14, 2019
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