Supplier Audit Training course


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Program Description


Supplier audit is an effective method for each organization, an objective assessment of the capabilities, risks, problems, and potentials of the organization with which the other organization cooperates or plans to cooperate. The evaluation is provided by visiting the supplier or contractor 's organization by means of activity monitoring, interviews, and documentation analysis. The training is devoted to the following aspects:

  • purpose and place of supplier audit in participating organizations (how mutually beneficial and mutually interesting partnership is);
  • peculiarities of the supplier requirements catalog (it is important to find the middle ground);
  • psychological aspects of external audit of the interested party;
  • supplier development activities.
  • Training duration: 2 days.
  • Price: upon the request
  • Language: Russian, English.

Target users

Representatives of machine-building, automotive, aviation, railway industries; Food producers, presented retail networks.


  • Supplier interaction: basic principles and requirements. Determination of needs for supplier management. Suppliers classification criteria.
  • Definition and types of the second-party audit. Organization features of supplier audit.
  • Candidates Identification, determination of selection criteria: one or several criteria, ranking. Preliminary analysis of the supplier documentation. Difference between primary and secondary supplier evaluation, availability of opportunity to compare current suppliers with potential ones. Preliminary question lists preparation for evaluation of potential suppliers.
  • Determination of supplier audit goals and objectives. Audit planning and preparation. Determination of requirements for supplier, preparation of audit question list; supplier audit features for outsourced processes. Roles and responsibilities of audit participants;
  • Audit conducting. Audit procedures on site. Communication techniques (posing the question, distance selection, objection handling). Investigation methods during the audit;
  • Psychology of audit conducting, second-party audit features; arising objections, objection handling methods;
  • Summarizing. Audit completion. Evaluation of audit results.;
  • Report preparation; Formulating a conclusion; Suppliers scoring features.
  • Further actions. Supplier development. Supplier audit risk analysis.


Business games (the contents may vary):

  • Determination of expectations and risks when working with suppliers;
  • Types of second-party audits and its purpose;
  • The objectives of supplier audits and opportunities of using its results;
  • Preliminary supplier ranking;
  • Determination of criteria when working with suppliers
  • Roles and responsibilities of audit participants;
  • Determining the competence of the audit team;
  • Conducting regulations of supplier audit;
  • Preliminary question-lists preparation for evaluation of suppliers;
  • Preliminary analysis of the supplier documentation
  • Supplier audit planning;
  • Checklist preparation;
  • Supplier audit conducting (opening meeting, collection of data, the formation of audit results);
  • Objection handling;
  • Evaluation of audit observations;
  • Evaluation of audit evidence;
  • Formulation of audit conclusions;
  • Question lists preparation for evaluation of suppliers
  • Risk analysis when working with suppliers, further actions.

Gain experience

Evaluation of suppliers processes, production and management systems; audit planning and audit team formation; preparing documentation of the audit: audit question list, checklist, audit form; audit conducting;resolution of conflict situations arising during the audit; preparation of the audit results; evaluation and grading of suppliers; development and evaluation of corrective actions.

Last updated Jan 2020

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