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The Escuela de Negocios Aristeo in collaboration with Grupo Aristeo now offers the possibility of studying in Madrid, a complete training program dedicated to business management , especially aimed at meeting the specific needs of students of other nationalities, accessing the differential advantages and of quality of our training offer.

This program aims to give a new perspective to business training , incorporating expert professionals in each area and with a 100% practical orientation , in which the participant can experience the business world in all its splendor.

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Our Higher Program in Business Management offers a completely different and current perspective, with innovative and practical content, which will provide the participant with all the necessary tools to excel in business management.

A prestigious faculty of teachers from different parts of Spain and with many years of experience, merge in this project to give value to each of the areas studied.

This program aims to enhance the participants' ability to lead work teams and organizations in any business sector . From a practical perspective, it offers a review of the conceptual framework of business management, starting from the transversal axes of that of business administration in the XXI century ; and the development of the essential skills that any professional or manager must acquire to achieve excellent performance from their teams.


I. Business Strategy

One of the pillars of business management is planning. This process is fundamental since the main bases of the business are established, with which the Manager, Director or Person in charge of the management

business, must have the ability to understand the nature of the business and the characteristics of the

environment to design a strategy consistent with business, market and environment

II. Organizational structure.

This module is dedicated to the organization process in the company, since the work flow in an organization largely determines the success of the operations and processes that are carried out daily in companies. The participant of this Program will have the ability to understand and establish the most appropriate forms of division of labor and its subsequent coordination.

III. Digital marketing.

Currently, there is no doubt the influence of technology, social networks and other digital environments in which people find themselves. This module covers the basic aspects of marketing, emphasizing the study of consumer / user behavior and their interaction with the digital world.

IV. Finance.

This module will be oriented to the knowledge of all the general financial aspects of a company, from the preparation of budgets to the financial analysis of the same. In the decision-making process of a company, the financial aspect carries an important weight, with which the person in charge of the company must know the necessary tools to make conscious decisions about its causes and implications.

V. Management and Professional Skills.

Nowadays, assertive communication and emotional intelligence are fundamental aspects to work as a team and achieve goals that satisfy not only the business, but also everyone involved in the process. Boosting creativity and innovation is essential to face the diverse complex situations that may arise in the business environment. Knowing how to communicate ideas effectively and knowing negotiation techniques will allow you to face conflicts with wisdom.

SAW. Commercial management.

This module is dedicated to the development of commercial skills that will be necessary for the maintenance and growth of a company. The different ways of attracting and loyalty of clients, commercial techniques and other current tools to create and coordinate an effective commercial team.

VII. Talent management.

The management of a work team, beyond requiring leadership, must inspire others with passion and dedication. In this module, the participant will learn how to properly manage talent, connect with people and adequately transmit the philosophy of the company they represent; In addition, it will know the technical mechanisms on personnel management, hiring and outsourcing.

VIII. Practices and final work. Final presentation.

As a result of the work in the previous modules, the participant will be able to face business challenges with updated tools and professional skills, which will allow them to stand out in the environment. In this sense, you will be able to develop a business plan and create profitable opportunities.

Our programs have international guarantees

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Visa Procedure Included

All students in our programs have personalized advice and processing of their Visa and their Study Stay in collaboration with Grupo Aristeo, lawyers and experts in Immigration. Visas will be processed from the Government Delegation in Madrid, Spain.


Price without discount scholarship: € 5,000

Scholarship discount 30% according to professional academic profile

Discount price: € 3,500

  • 1st payment: € 800 registration fee.
  • 2nd payment: upon arrival in Madrid € 700 with the signing of the contract.
  • 3rd payment: € 2000 under own financing in 10 months.
Last updated Mar 2020

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Somos una institución educativa orientada a la gestión, la innovación y el espíritu emprendedor. Como Escuela de Negocios, contamos con profesores y especialistas altamente cualificados en la capacita ... Read More

Somos una institución educativa orientada a la gestión, la innovación y el espíritu emprendedor. Como Escuela de Negocios, contamos con profesores y especialistas altamente cualificados en la capacitación de profesionales en distintas especialidades de la gestión y el emprendimiento empresarial, el turismo internacional y la extranjería e inmigración. Read less
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