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Students may enroll in a variety of summer courses across a wide range of disciplines. Courses in humanities, mathematics, and social sciences are commonly offered. Business and management courses may also be available at some institutions.

Music programs offer students the opportunity to pursue an array of subjects, from music theory to concert performance. Whether technically proficient or academically curious, music studies provide an engaging approach to a greater appreciation of the art.

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IES Abroad

Study Music History and Performance in Vienna, a city recognized around the world for its influence on the development of classical music. ... [+]


Located in the heart of Europe, Vienna is a city of about 1.8 million inhabitants that has, since its founding in the 3rd century, served as a bridge between a myriad of cultures. As an important crossroads between North and South, East and West, the city became a natural melting pot for new ideas. Out of this cultural richness has emerged a wealth of artistic accomplishments and innovative thinking—a heritage that we explore in our summer programs.

Vienna has been home to many of history's greatest composers, from Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven to Brahms, Mahler, and Schoenberg. To this day, the world-renowned Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the Musikverein, and the Staatsoper continue to help make Vienna a true "city of music." Study Music History and Performance in Vienna, a city recognized around the world for its influence on the development of classical music.... [-]

Austria Vienna
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6 weeks
Helsinki Summer School

This course explores the development of the popular music style of Heavy Metal. The primary focus will be on the musical elements of the genre, its historical features an ... [+]

Heavy Metal Music in Contemporary History and Society


Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies, University of Helsinki

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Taiteiden tutkimuksen kandiohjelma Taiteiden tutkimuksen maisteriohjelma




850-1400 EUR




Paolo Ribaldini

Target students

The course aims to be as multidisciplinary as possible, encouraging collaboration between students from different academic backgrounds. The ideal candidates are advanced Bachelor’s or Master’s students of musical practice, musicology, social studies, semiotics, cultural studies, anthropology, philosophy, psychology, language studies, gender studies and pedagogy.... [-]

Finland Helsinki
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17 days