Summer course in Admissions tests and preparation in Canada

See Summer Courses in Admissions tests and preparation in Canada 2017

Admissions tests and preparation

The cost of summer courses varies from school to school. Courses at more elite colleges and universities cost considerably more than those at smaller or state schools. The cost is also dependent on the number of courses a student enrolls in.

Canada is the best country to pursue your higher education if you are an interactive person. Almost every ethnic group is represented in Canada thus it's a multicultural society. Language barrier is not an issue to foreign students as Canada is considered the world's leader in language training.

Top Summer Courses in Admissions tests and preparation in Canada 2017

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Summer Course - Business French summer program

HEC Montréal Business Language Training Center
Campus or Online Full time 4 weeks July 2017 Canada Montreal

You want to learn or improve your French? This 4-week intensive program is made just for you: Language course focusing on professional French; company visits; rich and varied sociocultural activities. This summer, come and experience what life in Montreal has to offer… [+]

Best Summer Courses in Admissions tests and preparation in Canada 2017. You want to learn or improve your French? This 4-week intensive program is made just for you: Language course focusing on professional French company visits rich and varied sociocultural activities. This summer, come and experience what life in Montreal has to offer… Communicate Participate in a total immersion experience to acquire or refine your writing and speaking skills in Business French, thereby increasing your opportunities in the international job market. Explore Immerse yourself in a program that revolves around the discovery of Montreal, the largest French-speaking city in North America, through a wide variety of cultural activities as well as numerous meetings with key economic players in Montreal and internationally: Hydro-Québec, Cirque Éloize, Radio-Canada, Moment Factory, La TOHU… Share Be part of a Summer School geared towards a wide international student body*, attending a program that promotes intercultural relationships and understanding that will all add up to a memorable experience. *Students, executives, professionnals… Why Study French ? French, a language spoken around the world. French is spoken by more than 200 million people on the 5 continents. Forbes Magazine recently referred to a study conducted by the investment bank Natixis that suggests that by 2050, due to the fastest-growing economies of French-speaking Africa, French could be the most-spoken language in the world, ahead of English and even Mandarin. French brings an added value to your professional career. Mastering French can represent a major asset and will multiply your chances in today’s job market within your country of origin or internationally. French, the other language of international relations. Numerous international organizations use French as their official language: United Nations, European Union, UNESCO, NATO, among others. French, a language for thought and debate. French is a language that enables one to better structure one’s thoughts and put ideas into perspective, two qualities essential in the workplace. Overview of the Business French Summer School This Summer School is designed to address a wide audience (students, executives, professionals, etc.) and does not require any prior specific knowledge in business. HEC Montréal is the only graduate school of management in North America to offer a Business French Summer School. Geared towards not only students but also professionals, this unique immersion program comprises the following aspects: Placement tests, oral and written, administered on Day 1 of the program Levels offered : from total Beginner (Level 1) to Intermediate/Advanced (Level 4) Class size : between 10 to 16 participants on average – Minimum age required : 18* *Except for students admitted in a graduating program of study at HEC Montréal Business French courses in the morning, focusing on the 4 language skills : writing, reading, listening and speaking Credited course* (3 credits). Course Certificate awarded upon successful completion of the program *For all the other participants, the transfer of credits will be subject to approbation of their university of origin if they still hold a student status. Interactive oral communication workshops in the afternoon, focusing on competencies and themes in connection with the business world Seminars and conferences in Marketing and Management on the theme of creativity: Establishing and managing small and medium-sized companies – Urban Marketing – Managing cultural organizations* *These seminars and conferences will be conducted in French and will be open to students in Levels 2 to 4. Participants who were placed at the Beginner level (Level 1) on Day 1 of the program will take part in extra communication workshops instead. Company visits: Prominent Montreal small and medium-sized companies – Socially-responsible companies – Hydro-Québec – Radio-Canada Broadcasting Corporation – Cirque Éloize – Moment Factory multimedia studio – La TOHU Socio-cultural and sports activities in the afternoon, conducted in French by our dynamic team of French-speaking guides Numerous optional activities, all accompanied in the evening by our team of French-speaking guides *Activities subject to change Schedule Breakdown TRAINING AND ACTIVITIES NUMBER OF HOURS Induction Day – Day 1 – Written and oral placement tests 4 Business French course in the morning (Levels 1 to 4, depending on registration) 39 Exams preparation workshops. 6 Interactive oral communication workshops in the afternoon (Levels 1 to 4, depending on registration) 6 Seminars and conferences in Marketing and Management 6 Company visits 20 Guided tour of Old Montreal – Day 1 2,30 Urban field trip to discover neighbourhoods in Montreal 4 Presentation of the photography contest « Montréal, ma réalité » and exhibition 9,30 Charity project with “Love Montréal” organization. This project will be carried out in French. 10 Information session about study programs offered at HEC Montréal 1 Afternoon outing to Parc Exalto, urban acrobatic park 4 Guided visit of Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art and art workshop. 2 Closing Ceremony and presentation of Course Certificates 1 Optional activities in the evening, all accompanied and conducted in French ±20 Total Number of Hours 135 [-]

Junior Summer Academic English Courses

Oxford International Education Group
Campus Full time Part time

In 2016 our summer programmes range from our classic and always popular English Language summer camps in impressive boarding schools in the south of England, to more advanced leadership, university preparation and performing arts programmes in Oxford and Cambridge University Colleges for older teenagers. [+]

For 36 years, Bucksmore Education have welcomed more than 10,000 students from over 60 countries and nationalities to our high-end, prestigious English Language summer schools for individual students. Made up of Bucksmore summer and Bucksmore Homelingua, we offer a range of English Language courses to ensure that we meet the needs of every student ------------- BUCKSMORE SUMMER provides - High-quality summer programmes for students from 7 - 19 years old. - Courses for all levels of English with a maximum of 11 students per class. - The highest quality of teaching available in the industry. We pride ourselves in accepting a maximum of 20% of students from each nationality on each course to encourage students to practice their English and make lifelong friends from all over the world. ------------- In 2016 our courses are based in the world famous Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, traditional boarding schools in the south of England, the prestigious King's College London University and the impressive Plumpton agricultural College. General & Intensive English programmes: - Bucksmore Summer (Ages 11-16) - Fun-filled programme of activities and excursions. - Bucky Kids (Ages 7-10) - From Superheroes to the The Animal Kingdom...everyday has a fun theme! - Bucksmore Oxford/Cambridge/London (Ages 14-17)- City-centre locations for older teenagers. English Plus: - Bucky Adventure (Ages 13-16)- For the outside activity seekers (sailing, kayaking, horse riding, wall climbing, a survival night & many more). - Bucksmore Arts Choice (Ages 13-17)- Designed for our creative students: Art, Film, Photography, Drama & many more. - Bucksmore Coding(Ages 12-16)- Create your own computer game and possibly even a robot! - Bucksmore Three Capitals (Ages 13-17)- For the young explorers travelling through the great capitals of London, Edinburgh & Cardiff. Pre-University Application: - World University Preparation- Receive help on the UK University application system. - Bucksmore Young Leaders- Develop key skills such as debating, negotiating, public speaking, time management and independent learning. Advanced Studies Programs (Ages 14-19) - Located in Oxford University, Cambridge University and King's College London. - Subject based courses for native level English speakers for students. - Activities and excursions to local areas - Master classes improving essential presenting skills, negotiating and leadership. BUCKSMORE HOMELINGUA are delighted to announce that we now also offer fantastic home tuition programmes across the UK. On a home tuition programme, students live and study in their teacher’s home and become part of their family. We offer year-round and summer programmes for juniors and adults. All courses are unique and can be tailored to meet all your needs. [-]