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Program Description

The E.ON Energy Research Center (ERC) of RWTH Aachen University, including the Institute for Power Generation and Storage Systems (PGS), the Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives (ISEA), the Chair and Institute of Power Systems and Power Economics (IAEW), is responsible for the academic content of the „Smart Electrical Power Systems“ Summer School and conduct the programme’s lectures, tutorials and laboratory classes.

Introduction to Smart Electrical Power

The share of decentralized power generation is steadily increasing, in particular renewable energy sources like wind and photovoltaics. Both wind and PV are connected to the electrical grid with power electronic converters and operated with a dc voltage internally. Also long-distance electrical power transmission systems and consumers of electrical energy like e.g. LEDs, heat pumps, (fast-) charging systems for electric vehicles (internally) operate with dc. Therefore, the applications of dc in distribution grids become more and more feasible and efficient, especially on system level. The lectures will discuss on future grid structures and application scenarios of dc technology. The focus is set on power electronic converters for dc distribution and dc transmission.

Measurements and Monitoring in Modern Power Systems

The students will gain insight of the measurement challenges and the new technologies for monitoring of power systems. The course will first introduce the measurement and monitoring requirements of modern power systems, with an emphasis on distribution systems.
The overview of the measurement chain components will include fundamental metrology aspects, sensors and the measurements in the context of automation architecture of the power system substation. The synchrophasor measurement will be presented as a particularly relevant case of synchronized measurement. Finally, the state estimation will be introduced as one of the key components to the monitoring process.

Power System Dynamics
In this lecture, the fundamental aspects of power systems dynamics will be introduced, in light of the modernization of power systems and integration of new power technologies. Starting from the basic principles of power system dynamics, the lecture will cover the transients of synchronous generators under small disturbances, discussing in detail the swing equation model and the equal area criteria.

Automation of Complex Power Systems
In this lecture, the frequency control theory will be introduced. The concept of the frequency control hierarchy will be presented, by analysing the functions of each control level. The module will focus on the primary level of control, in particular the load-frequency droop characteristic of synchronous generators and the automatic generation control. Finally, the different transient stages of frequency control will be discussed, with a brief introduction to secondary control level.

Basics on battery energy storage systems as flexibility options
in the future electricity grid

Within this lecture the students get an introduction to basic concepts of energy storage systems. They get accustomed to the scientific categorizations and learn based on SWOT analysis about the relevant application of the different storage solutions. Additionally, the market for PV-homestorage systems and large scale battery storage systems will be elaborated. The focus lies on the European/German market. Finally, the concept of multi-use applications for storage systems and the opportunities for electric vehicles and PV-homestorage will be explained. The second part consists of practical work within the laboratories of the institute. First the students can experience the concept of electrochemical storage through experiments and afterwards through a tour through a 5 MW / 5 MWh battery storage system, which is comprised of 5 different technologies.

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Aachen(Aix-La-Chapelle), the westernmost city in Germany, accommodates not only the Aachen Cathedral, designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, but also one of Germany’s Universities of Excellence.

Aachen(Aix-La-Chapelle), the westernmost city in Germany, accommodates not only the Aachen Cathedral, designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, but also one of Germany’s Universities of Excellence. Read less
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