Summer School 2018 at

South Cheshire College

and West Cheshire College


Enhance your Language

Skills, Explore Britain,

Make new friends!

This is an exciting programme for

international students wishing to

improve their English language skills,

and at the same time to learn about

British Culture. Students will also get to

explore some wonderful parts of the UK,

such as London, Oxford, Manchester,

Cambridge, Liverpool, and York. Students

will be given an initial assessment of

their current level of English, which will

determine their class and personal


South Cheshire College and

West Cheshire College

South Cheshire College and West Cheshire

College are one of the two leading further

education colleges in England offering a

wide range of courses at different levels.

The Summer School provides an excellent

atmosphere for study with exceptional

learning and resource facilities.


In the summer of 2018 we will offer an

extended programme for up to 8 weeks,

from 18th June – 13th August 2018.

Minimum stay is 1 week.

The Aims of South Cheshire College andWest Cheshire College Summer School…

  • To promote the development of English Skills.
  • To prepare learners to use communication skills in a broad range of familiar and unfamiliar contexts.
  • To develop appropriate vocabulary, language and tone for these situations.The study programme will consolidate and extend grammatical knowledge, practising this in engaging, communicative tasks and structured exercises.
  • Vocabulary topics will be selected to suit the learners and incorporate into the skills work above.
  • Learners will be encouraged to keep vocabulary records in order to check their learning progress.

Learning Outcomes…

Speaking, Listening and Communication

  • Make relevant and extended contributions to discussions, allowing for and responding to others’ input.
  • Prepare for and contribute to various discussions.
  • Present information/points of view clearly and in an appropriate language.


  • Identify the main points and ideas and how they are presented in a variety of texts.
  • Read and understand texts in detail.
  • Utilise information contained in texts.
  • Identify suitable responses to texts in more than one type of text.


  • Write a range of texts to communicate information, ideas and opinions and using formats and styles suitable for their purpose and audience.
  • Write clearly and coherently, including an appropriate level of detail.
  • Present information in a logical sequence.
  • Use correct grammar, including correct and consistent use of tense.
  • Ensure written work generally includes accurate punctuation and spelling and that the meaning is clear in more than one type of text.

A communicative and interactive teaching experience is

the method of choice at South Cheshire College and

West Cheshire College, where learners will be constantly

encouraged to speak and improve their pronunciation

and vocabulary in conversational and formal English.The

atmosphere we create in our friendly and supportive

environment, will build even the quietest students


Working with a range of authentic listening material,

taken from British radio, TV and internet sources, in

addition to the latest ESOL publications.The student

reading materials are selected according to level, age

and areas of interest.The course will develop skimming

and scanning skills, reading for gist and detail, and

analysis of inferred meaning.Their written skills,

including formal and informal writing, will also be developed



Accommodation will be provided by families from the

surrounding local area, who are carefully selected,

inspected and approved by the college, following our strict

regulations.At their homestay, students will have the

opportunity to not only improve their language skills, but

also to learn more about the British culture, and typical

family life in the UK. Students will have their own

bedrooms, and share the rest of the facilities with their

host family. Breakfast and evening meals will be provided

by the family from Monday to Friday, and during the

weekend the host family will provide the students with all

3 meals per day.

There are a limited number of rooms at the Olive Grove Halls

of Residence, just a 15 minutes bus ride at the beautiful

market town of Nantwich. This is in twin rooms sharing with

other summer school students. If you are interested in the

option of Halls of Residence, please contact the International

Office for more details, pictures of the accommodation and

the facilities at Olive Grove.

Exploring and having Fun…

Cheshire and the surrounding Area

The Crewe campus is in the heart of Crewe, South Cheshire

with Grand Junction Retail Park and Phoenix Leisure Park

entertainment complex.The town has supermarkets, transport

connections and is ideally located to investigate local history

and landscapes and more. The Chester campus is within

walking distance of the beautiful historic, Roman walled city of

Chester with museum, Amphitheatre, Cathedral and uniquely

architectural shopping rows.

A trip to Quarry Bank Mill is often organised, widely acclaimed as one of Britain's

greatest industrial heritage sites, showing how a complete industrial community lived.

Quarry Bank overflows with the atmosphere of the Industrial Revolution.A visit to the

Cotton Mill, built in 1784, and powered by Europe's most powerful working waterwheel,

will certainly stimulate your senses. The mill has been used as the setting for a very

popular TV drama show.

Cheshire customs and traditions, playing sports in our fantastic facilities, and even going

to a Premiership Football ground is part of a varied programme of activities including

industry, agriculture, horticulture and shopping too with every chance to practice your

language skills. Travelling out to the city of Liverpool, the birthplace of the Beatles and a

recent European capital of culture, you can visit the world famous Albert Docks or go

shopping in Liverpool One retail complex, one of the biggest in the UK.

The programme offers two accommodation options: Homestay (host family) and Halls of Residence at the historical Olive Grove. The programme includes:

  • Accommodation in host families or halls of residence (twin rooms sharing).
  • Entrance test.
  • Airport transfers from Manchester or Liverpool airport (minimum 4 persons required).
  • 3 meals per day.
  • All excursions transportation.
  • English language tuition.
  • Entrance fees to the mentioned attractions.
  • South Cheshire and West Cheshire College Certification.
Program taught in:
  • English

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