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Program Description

Situated in Brussels, the ‘Capital of Europe’, Vesalius College offers youa unique summer experience. Lasting just 7 weeks, the VeCoSummer Programmeprovidesyouwith about a dozen English-taught courses you can choose from, relating to topics as broad as art & culture, business, communication & media, management, politics and international affairs.Moreover, participants get the opportunity to experience and explore the best of European culture and travel!

Students have the choice to take this Summer Programme either with or without credits. You may register for a maximum of 2 courses (6 ECTS per course). Any combination is possible! Both obvious ones, like Western Democracy in Crisis and The EU’s Approach to Democratisation and Human Rights, and less obvious ones, like the very hands-on courses Theory and Practice of Video Production and The Belgian Brewery Industry in a Global Context. In the latter course, the famous Belgian beer industry is taken as a multi-faceted case study for studying core business processes and international market developments. On top of that, you will also get the possibility of learning the nuts and bolts of the beer brewing process yourself!

Another great thing about this Summer Programme is that if you don’t want to spend every weekday in a classroom, you can also choose an internship as one of your two selected courses. Then you will actually be able to acquire on-the-ground working experience with one of VeCo’s selected internship partners!


Please visit our website here for a full list of courses.

All our courses are taught in English.

How to Apply

A student visa is not required to attend the Summer Program. In most cases, a tourist visa is sufficient for attendance. However, students must have a valid identity card or passport.

All students who wish to participate in the Summer Program must submit a Summer Program Application Form. Students who want to do an internship during the summer must complete TWO Application Forms (one for the Summer Program and one for the Internship). The deadline for the Summer Program Application is 3 May 2020, and the Internship Application deadline is 12 April. Students who are unable to meet the application deadline should contact (Study Abroad Students) or (External students)

Study Abroad Students (Partner Institutions and Non-Partner Institutions)

The deadline for Study Abroad students to apply is 3 May 2020.

Internship (for Study Abroad Students)

If you wish to apply for an internship during the summer, you must submit a separate application form. The deadline for an internship application is 12 April. Please visit our website here for more information on the Internship programme.

External Applicants

To be eligible, you must be enrolled in an undergraduate programme and posess good command of the English language. Admission is decided on a case-by-case basis.

The deadline to apply is 3 May 2020.

Tuition fee

  • The tuition fee per course (6 ECTS) is 1300

If you are a study abroad officer from a partner university, please contact to learn more about discounts available to your students.

Last updated Feb 2020

About the School

Vesalius College is one of the few higher education institutions in Brussels that offers European-focused Bachelor’s degrees solely taught in the English language. Founded in 1987 by the Vrije Univers ... Read More

Vesalius College is one of the few higher education institutions in Brussels that offers European-focused Bachelor’s degrees solely taught in the English language. Founded in 1987 by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Boston University, Vesalius College offers American-style education that includes small classes, low student-teacher ratios and participatory classroom experiences. Vesalius College takes full advantage of its location in the Capital of Europe with guest lectures from European policymakers, diplomats, business leaders, journalists and other experts. With a diverse student body drawn from all corners of the globe (50 + nationalities), Vesalius College provides an enriching academic and cultural experience. Read less