Summer Program Chinese Language & Culture

This program is designed for students who wish to take advantage of their summer vacation to learn not just the Chinese language, but also various aspects of Chinese culture. This program combines three hours of daily Chinese language instruction along with special activities and lectures.

The Chinese language course has 2 levels ranging from beginner to intermediate. Cultural activities and field trips offer students hands-on experiences with traditional crafts, music, martial arts and performing arts. In addition, special lectures that explore Chinese history, religion and life help students widen and deepen their knowledge of Chinese culture.

Program Period: July 1, 2015 to Aug 4,2015(5 weeks)

Program Schedule

  • Application Deadline May 5; Dormitory Check-in June 30; Opening Ceremony July 1; Classes June 1—Aug 4; Closing ceremony Aug 4; Dormitory check-out Aug 5


  • Program tuition: RMB 5000 yuan (accommodation provided, water and electricity included)
  • Insurance: RMB 175 yuan
  • Registration fee: RMB 240 yuan

Payment method:

Beneficiary's Name: Zhejiang Wanli University

Beneficiary's Account Number: 3310 1983 6790 5004 0978

Paying Bank's Name:China Construction Bank Ningbo Branch Business Department

CNAPS: 1053 3203 6793

Application Information

  1. Please contact us by E-mail, or by fax for application forms and other necessary materials.
  2. ZWU will send you letters of admission and JW202 forms upon receipt of your application forms and the required application fees.
  3. You can apply for Students [X] Visas or Visit [F] Visas at your local Chinese embassies or Chinese consulates and get registered for students within the stated period on JW202 forms.

Field Trip

Ningbo Museum

Ningbo Museum is the symbol of Ningbo culture. It is a comprehensive museum with geographical features, showing the history of humanities and arts. Ningbo Museum covers an area of 60 Mu (an unit of area, 1 Mu equals to 666.66㎡) with 303,250,000㎡ building areas. In Ningbo Museum, you will find lots about the past and present about Ningbo, China and even the world.

Tianyi Pavilion Library

Tianyi Pavilion Library is situated beside the Moon Lake in Ningbo City. The library, which has survived 430 years of dramas and upheavals, is the oldest existing private library of China and Asia, and one of the world's three oldest libraries kept by a family. For centuries it has been reputed to be the "city of books in South China" for its giant collection of highly-valued ancient books and documents.

Ningbo Tianyi Square

Ningbo Tianyi Square is probably the first place any foreigner visit when coming to Ningbo. It is without any doubt the most popular place in Ningbo downtown. It’s surrounded by numerous shops (optical, clothes, gifts) as well as 2 appliances stores (Suning) and a superstore (Legou). You can also find in Tianyi Square many Chinese and Western restaurants including chains like Pizza Hut, Starbucks and KFC. Designer stores such as Dunhill, Trussardi, Hugo Boss and Burberry are available in the Intl Shopping Center.

Background on Zhejiang Wanli University

The Zhejiang Wanli University has a history of more than 60 years and is located in Ningbo, one of the most dynamic business and industrial centers of the Zhejiang Province. It is structured in Schools and Faculties and provides courses in 38 different disciplines. The Academic body has 1200 Chinese and non-Chinese teachers with a broad experience in their respective disciplines matured through demanding training programs and years of experience in education and appointed following a rigorous selection process. The Campus occupies a surface of 95 hectares, and had almost 20,000 students in 2012. It offers accommodations for students and teachers and various facilities.

Why studying at Zhejiang Wanli University

For people interested in learning the Chinese language and for gaining an understanding of the Chinese culture and of the social aspects and the business practices of Chinese people there are many reasons for choosing the Zhejiang Wanli University.

  • Foremost of course is the quality of the tuition programs and of the Academic body.
  • The broad spectrum of tutorial opportunities offered allow to choose that/those most appropriate for achieving specific objectives.
  • There are excellent opportunities for building business relations. Ningbo is located at the center of the Zhejiang Province, one of the most advanced socially and economically in China. The city has experienced a continuous, sustained economic growth since many years thanks to its harbor and the many industrial initiatives.
  • There are excellent communications with other major cities, with an international airport and high speed trains to the major cities in Eastern and South Eastern China.
  • The traditional Chinese sense of hospitality will facilitate social integration and excellent occasions for building a network of personal relations.
  • The costs of the tutorial programs and of the accommodations are moderate and comparatively low for Western standards.

Who should attend the tutorial programs of the Zhejiang Wanli University

Graduates from Western Universities may add to their curriculums the experience of a further academic formation that will prove an exclusive advantage for their later professional career.

Companies having important business relations with China will find in the program of the Zhejiang Wanli University an excellent platform for the linguistic and cultural formation of the personnel in charge of the Chinese business.

Likewise Companies wishing to establish business relations with China should prepare the key personnel to be involved in the future activities by having them attending appropriate tuition programs.
Investors and potential investors will gain an essential insight in the Chinese ways of working and of doing business.

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