Discover a new vision of craftsmanship and new technologies applied to the design of leather bags. A three-week experience that includes a trip to the cradle of leather design : Ubrique (Cádiz).

Course file

  • Type of course: Summer
  • Spanish Language
  • School: IED Fashion Lab
  • Duration: 3 weeks
  • Hours: Evening and night From 4.30 to 9.30 pm from Monday to Thursday and from 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm on Fridays
  • Assistance: On-site
  • Qualification: Private At the end of the course, a diploma and certificate will be delivered certifying that the same has been successfully completed and passed.
  • Aimed at: Design students, professionals or designers from the world of fashion in its broadest sense, or freelance with experience in the design sector of accessories who want to expand their knowledge in a design process, production of bags under a vision of market in the leather sector.
  • Admission process: It is necessary to present an updated CV and, if the course direction deems it necessary, an interview will be conducted

The Summer Course of Leather Bags Design and Production allows the student to know in depth the relationship between the bag and the skin, its typology, malleability, and the possibilities offered by the union of tradition and new technologies, which result in a new crafts and innovative products.

The course will take place from July 8 to 26 and is divided into two independent modules: the first module, of two weeks, will take place in Madrid and the second module, from July 22 to 26, includes a trip to Ubrique ( Cádiz) with guided tour to a bags workshop to see in situ the production process: cutting, recessing, sewing, gluing, assembling, engraving and finishing.

It is possible to enroll in the entire course or a single module.

Inside the accessories, the bag is undoubtedly the reference, and if we have to talk about a material, the skin is the noble material par excellence, a material " Never Dead " for the luxury industry that has gone through different stages but in our days is again present more strongly than ever.

The famous it bag phenomenon perfectly reflects this trend and confirms the market for fashion accessories as one of the most solid and competitive.

This means that companies specialized in this sector need more and more versatile professionals capable of offering solutions to new challenges. The fashion professional must not only master the techniques and tools of the conceptualization and design phases, but also have to know the rest of the phases through which the project goes through its serial production, including all the agents that will intervene. in the value chain, the processes and relationships that are generated with industrialists and / or artisans, and other matters of interest that help in the decision-making that will be faced in the process of developing the collection.

Attendance: The course, with a total duration of three weeks, consists of two independent modules: the first module is taught for two weeks in Madrid and the second module star, a week with activities and visits to factories outside Madrid .

The student can complete the complete course or one of the two modules independently. Class attendance is essential and indispensable to obtain this diploma.


  • Face a design process in theory and practice until its production. • Acquire information on the typology and behavior of the fundamental materials and components.
  • Know all the phases of the development of prototypes, up to the production in series and the organization in a workshop.
  • Approach the main traditional and traditional techniques existing in the leather sector.
  • Acquire basic knowledge about the technical language used in the tango jargon.
  • Know the possibilities offered by existing technologies at the level of new finishes.
  • Introduce yourself and approach luxury through the craft industry.

Professional outings

  • Designer of accessories in fashion companies.
  • Freelance designer of bags.
  • Coordinator department of accessories in any company
  • Product manager in mass production fashion companies.
  • Production manager - external agents commissioned.
  • Quality controller.

Star Module: Travel to Ubrique

This course has a special module, a trip that will take place the last week of July and includes a trip to another Spanish town.

In this way you can enjoy visits, masterclasses and workshops given by professionals in the sector in emblematic places related to the content of the course, located outside of Madrid.

On this occasion, you will discover: Ubrique (Cádiz).

In the price of the star module are included the round trip from Madrid and accommodation.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Last updated November 13, 2019
This course is Campus based
Start Date
July 2020
3 weeks
2,600 EUR
Enrollment Fee € 700 - Course Fee: € 1900
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July 2020
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July 2020

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