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Summer Course - Toronto Business Academy

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Why Toronto Business Academy?

Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur with a great business idea, but you don’t know how to start and bring it to life? Are you a business innovator with entrepreneurial skills, who is still searching for your dream job position? In both cases, our summer program Toronto Business Academy is an excellent springboard for you. With a combination of interactive lectures focusing on entrepreneurship and international business and guest speakers, mentors, and coaches who are leaders in Canadian industry, you will be able to develop practical business skills you will need to start up your career. Want to learn how to develop and pitch your business idea in front of real investors? Or maybe are you interested in experiencing the everyday business environment of successful companies like Twitter, Linkedin, Toronto Stock Exchange, etc?

Experience the campus lifestyle

Studying and living in the heart of the city of Toronto, experiencing Ryerson student campus, playing sports or meeting new international students will be your everyday life.

Work on your own business idea

If you have your own idea, or you would like to develop the idea with your new international team, you will know how to pitch it in front of the investors at the end of the program.

The best return on investment

An investment in knowledge is an investment in yourself. The program will provide an important intellectual treasure that will stay with you for the rest of your life!

Getting out of your comfort zone

Participating in an international summer program boosts your employment because it means that you are willing to get out of your comfort zone to learn more.


You will have the opportunity to meet like-minded, success-driven individuals from all over the world. You will gain friendships for life or perhaps find a potential business partner.

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers that you will have the opportunity to hear, come from different industries, like banking, law, accounting, entrepreneurship, etc. They will share with you their own success stories, which will give you an insight into the real situation on a today’s competitive market. It is not always easy, and you will that see everybody gets caught in the obstacles sometimes. It is important to be persistent and not to give up. Taking part in the Toronto Business Academy offers you also this unique opportunity to network with leaders in the Canadian industry.

Business Plan Competition

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to succeed in an increasingly competitive global marketplace? Do you want to be a successful entrepreneur? Do you know that an idea itself is not enough? If you have answered 'Yes' to previous questions, then you’ve come to the right place. The Toronto Business Academy Business plan competition is designed to give you a real-world experience to develop your business ideas under the advice of experienced international business mentors. Judges will evaluate your team as real-world entrepreneurs soliciting start-up funds from early-stage investors. Mimicking the real-world competitive market sphere, your team will compete against other brilliant business ideas in the preliminary round of pitches. Your business plan will go through a complete overall feedback session with the judges. From here on, you will have the time to polish your business idea and, on the last day, you will pitch again. The judges will rank the best 3 pitches and of course, they will select a winner as well!

Corporate visits

Ever wondered how to succeed in a highly competitive market? Experience it first hand by taking a walk in the everyday business of successful corporations. Corporate visits are one of the most valuable experiences which give you a real-world insight into various industries. This kind of visits offers you a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience where you have the opportunity to walk around the offices of large, world-renowned companies and business giants. You will have the opportunity to listen to the presentations of professionals who are crucial for the functioning of these companies. This way, you get to learn about day-to-day operations as well as operations related to long-term business and market strategies.

Program Overview

Unlike regular summer business schools, participating in Toronto Business Academy teaches you how to function efficiently in a dynamic, fast-changing International business environment.

Throughout the summer program, you will work on different market cases that aim to improve your analytical and leadership skills. However, the whole program revolves around a core strategic learning task: Business plan competition. Yes, you will have the opportunity to devise and develop a unique business plan for your breakthrough idea! In small groups, you will go through and learn all the steps from market analysis to financial plans and strategy that lead to an excellent business plan. Finally, you pitch your plan to potential investors and leaders in the Canadian industry, who in this case has the role of judges.

Our summer business academy in Toronto gives you the opportunity to gain insights into the functioning of the highly competitive North American market. Besides learning about the business environment, you will have a chance to visit some of the world’s largest companies like Twitter, BMO, LinkedIn, Toronto Stock Exchange etc.

Are you up for some fun? Of course, we will give you some space to play hard after you work hard! You will be located on campus in downtown Toronto, so you will get to experience student life “the American way”. Besides, the program schedule is designed to give you plenty of time for fun adventures, getting to know the largest Canadian city and its vibrant nightlife. We will also go to Niagara Falls for a day because there is no better way to relax after long days of working on your business plan!

Course outline

Course name: The new Business Development

Class size: 40 students

Credits: 6 ECTS

Length: 60 hours

  • Lectures: 40 hours
    • Canadian business culture overview
    • Lectures supporting Business plan
    • Business plan development
    • Consultations on the Business plan
    • Business plan pitch preparation & Pitching
    • Case studies 2x
  • Corporate visits & Guest speakers: 20 hours
    • Startup summit
    • Guest speakers
    • Corporate visits

The course is designed to improve managerial practices with entrepreneurial thinking. To be able to think like an entrepreneur, one must be able to understand: the types, characteristics, skills, and strategies that entrepreneurs use in starting, building and scaling an enterprise. But entrepreneurs do not live in isolation; they must understand their role within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and know where support and partnerships can be made to sustain and finance growth.

The objectives of this course are to leverage the Canadian business culture of innovation and international resources to help individuals prepare to understand the role of entrepreneurs and to assist them in starting and successfully operating their own businesses. The focus is entrepreneurial start-ups, the process of start-ups, their ecosystem and what is required to develop management plans to take ideas to national and international markets.

Course content

  • Entrepreneurship
    • Conceptualise the scope of global entrepreneurship and how it has evolved.
    • Understand the differences between the basic types of entrepreneurs and conduct a self-analysis.
    • See how economic resources have determined the changes in entrepreneurs on the global scale.
    • Understand the role and scope of entrepreneurship in economic development on the global scale.
    • Better understand why many start-up firms fail and the lessons learned.
    • Understand the ‘new’ skills required to be successful in entrepreneurship.
    • Realize there is a process involved in building a successful small business and its steps.
  • Innovation
    • Understand the key concepts and frameworks of innovation and innovation management.
    • Better understand its importance in economic development.
    • Be able to identify and define the various types of innovation and determinants of their success.
    • Map out an innovation eco-system.
    • Understand the value of the creative process in innovation planning.
    • Understand the importance of teamwork and see its relevance for survival.
  • Business Communication
    • Obtain a better understanding of today’s global information society.
    • Practice various forms of interactional, situational and functional communications.
    • Practice various forms of report writing and oral presentation from a North American perspective.
    • Understand the importance of clear, concise and complete communications to raising capital.
  • Sales & Marketing
    • Define your value proposition and unique competitive advantage.
    • Develop a ‘go-to-market’ strategy for the short- and long-term.
    • Understand some of the ‘off-the-shelf’ communications available to SME start-ups.
    • Build and leverage a toolkit to launch a successful marketing plan.
    • Develop various communications assets aligned with your strategy.
  • Financing & Venture Capital
    • Understand the differences and similarities in raising capital globally.
    • Conceptualise the stages of business development and opportunities to raise capital at these stages.
    • Define the differences and segments of informal and formal capital.
    • Understand the basics criteria of small business loans versus angel investment vs. venture capital.
    • Identify the expectations of angel investors and what they look for in a typical business presentation.
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Start date : July 2019
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July 2019
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