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Summer Course - Munich Business Academy

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Why Munich Business Academy?

Has Europe always been on your bucket list? Now you have the chance to scratch it off by living and learning in the center of Europe at our summer program Munich Business Academy! If you would love to learn from European leaders’ success stories, find out some tricks and tips on how to achieve big things in business or you already have some questions about starting your own business idea, you are the perfect candidate for our program in Munich. Get a front row insight into the world of startup challenges mentored by successful entrepreneurs and start working on your business and leadership skills in an intelligent and digitally networked working environment. We guarantee you this summer business course will be the peak of your summer!

Real-time cases with companies

Guided by the company founders, you will have a chance to work with them and see their day-to-day operations, while planning with them their short & long-term strategies, market expansions, etc.

Diverse & dynamic environment

Opportunity to spend time with like-minded, success-driven individuals from all over the world and to make friendships for life or to find a potential business partner!

The best return on investment

An investment in knowledge is an investment in yourself. Once invested, it will pay the best interest and will for sure reflect on your future uprising career.

Getting out of your comfort zone

Participating in an international summer program boosts your employment because it means that you are willing to get out of your comfort zone to learn more.


You will have the opportunity to meet like-minded, success-driven individuals from all over the world. You gain friendships for life and perhaps find a potential business partner.

Program Overview

The Munich Business Academy prepares you for a career as an entrepreneur or executive leader in highly competitive industries. It’s an intensive, collaborative and rewarding learning experience where not even a day is the same. You will gain many professional and personal skills and apply what you learn in real life business cases provided directly from highly prospective startups.

Your two-week summer course will boost your leadership qualities and provide cutting-edge skills based off of an adaptive curriculum that reflects current industry challenges in a competitive market. You will leave the summer business school armed with the skills and tools needed to navigate and succeed in today’s world. Though the Munich Business Academy program is challenging (think long days and lots of coffee!), it’s an incredibly rewarding experience where you will get the professional support of entrepreneur mentors from start to finish. In the end, you will be a master with the right skills to create a startup from scratch or make a career switch into other market fields. You will spend most of your time working directly with real companies, solving real problems. You’ll work closely with innovators and leaders while developing your own areas of expertise.

Meet our incredible community of professional mentors who have built and sold innovative companies, helped to shape the future of our world, and are now lending their advice, experience, and expertise to you. You’ll be gaining insights and knowledge from the brightest minds in the industry while having fun and making lifelong connections. A trip to Disney’s inspiration Cinderella’s Castle – Neuschwanstein Castle, will take your breath away during our weekend getaway!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to gain real-life experience and build an outstanding resume!


During case challenges, you will not be left on your own. Besides working on your skills by yourself, and with the help of your group, you will have the support of our business mentors. Mentors are there for you and for your questions. Their role is to support and encourage you to find your own unique and optimal solution with their guidance. This way, you will make fewer mistakes, and you will have more time to focus and develop the best business ideas. Mentoring represents a powerful personal development and empowerment tool providing you unique and valuable professional and personal skills.

Corporate visits

Let us take your learning journey to a whole new level! Our summer business academy program gives you a chance to visit some of the most powerful companies in Europe. By visiting corporations, you will be able to gain more insights into the industry as well as fetch upcoming trends. You also get the chance to learn first-hand about specific job requirements you might be interested in from successful people working for these companies. You will definitely get motivated and inspired during the corporate visits. What is a better way to see when the hard work really pays off?

Case Challenge Competition

What is a better way of becoming an effective business leader than participating in a case competition? Working on a real business idea project will enhance your knowledge and ability to solve problems while designing a proper market strategy within a group setting with the invaluable mentoring of world-class entrepreneurs. You will be able to exercise your skills and knowledge on real-life cases provided by our network of startups. Cases will revolve around various areas such as marketing, human resources, finance, digitization, etc. During the business academy summer school, you will take part in several challenges based on rotating groups. Meaning, you will be working in different groups with different people from around the world in each case. All of this will help you learn how to adapt to different challenges in a fast-paced competitive market and how to handle them effectively. To be more precise, participating in a case challenge plays a significant role in improving your skills. The final event of Case competition is held in beautiful and inspiring workspaces of Mindspace.

Course outline

Course name: Business Consulting

Class size: 30 students

Credits: 5 ECTS

Length: 40 hours

  • Lectures: 30 hours
    • German business culture overview
    • Case studies provided by Start-ups & Corporations
    • Lectures supporting cases
    • Consultations with mentors on cases
    • Case results pitching (Mindspace)
  • Corporate visits & Mentors: 10 hours
    • Mentors
    • Corporate visits

Very often we think that an entrepreneur simply must come up with a smashing business plan, and from there on, it is all downhill – even a lot of business schools are creating this kind of an impression. But is that really the entrepreneurial reality? NO!

In fact, the real challenges (but also the real fun of it) just get started when the business plan is written, and the company has been formally started. Now you are in the real world. Early stage management phase of a start-up is highly interesting and challenging – which is exactly, why the Munich Business Academy is focusing on this aspect of entrepreneurship. We will be looking at the necessary “management toolbox” to handle these challenges, you will get a chance to apply these tools in group work challenges and to discuss your ideas and questions with entrepreneurs, who have gone through this stage – and who are yet again faced with such topics over and over again.

Ready to roll up your sleeves and experience early-stage management beyond textbooks and prep-talks? Then get ready for your entrepreneurial experience at the Munich Business Academy.

Course content

  • International expansion
    • Analyze which markets to enter and how to enter them.
    • Recognize potential risks.
    • Establishing a loyal customer base in the foreign markets.
    • Understand what the full impact on your business will be.
    • Understand what to do to keep your international business growth.
    • Adapt to various cultural differences.
    • Find the right partners and a team.
    • Develop a strategy and later on how to execute this strategy.
  • Financial modeling
    • Build financial models and reports for your startup.
    • Use best practices for financial modeling.
    • Be confident when talking about finance, accounting, and business.
    • Calculate the amount of capital need for a particular project.
    • Understand what you need to manage the cashflows.
    • Calculate cash flows.
    • Do a project evaluation.
    • Learn which information matters.
  • Organizational growth
    • Understand and measure growth.
    • Understand and measure net profit, revenue, and other financial data.
    • Understand business expansion (e.g. licensing, internal development).
    • Learn more about joint venture/alliance.
    • Learn about outside financing.
    • Think outside the box to create transformative solutions to challenges.
  • Digitalization
    • Use digital technologies in order to create revenue.
    • Use digital technologies improve business.
    • Use digital technologies to replace and transform business processes.
    • Learn about the important information in real time through the use of new digital service.
    • Learn about the integrated use of internal and external data which will strengthen your innovation power.
  • Day to day operations
    • Comparing daily operations of Startups vs daily operations of Corporations.
    • Learn more about responsibilities at every level of companies on a daily basis.
    • Learn to solve problems on your own.
    • Learn the best way to communicate at every level.
    • Learn how to operate in a massively scale-driven environment.
    • Think in a long-term and understand the importance of strategies.
    • Be more aware of current trends in business.
    • Learn more about organization’s current challenges (launching a new product, working with a big client for the first time, redesigning the website).
  • Long & Short term strategies
    • Define your company’s vision.
    • Achieve a specified mission.
    • Identify the milestones that are important to achieving the overall goal.
    • Establish where the business is currently, where do you want it to go, how will you get there and how will you know when you’ve arrived.
    • Set a general path based on company values, goals and objectives, while having the ability to adapt to changing environments.
    • Review and modify on a daily basis to make sure you’re progressing toward your goals.
    • Create an action plan and generate value.
    • Aligning short-term strategies in order to achieve long-term strategies.
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