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Program Description


The SELF is an upper-division undergraduate level program open to university undergraduates with a basic level of French and who have completed at least two years of university studies. It is entirely taught in English and offers approximately 20 courses per semester in the following fields: law/political science, business/business culture, and humanities. The SELF will help students get familiar with the French University system and culture. It can also help them improve their proficiency to study in French the following semester (except for beginners). It is a full-time program and cannot be combined with other programs.

Study in English in Lyon, France (SELF)

Objectives of the program:

The SELF program is designed to encourage significant improvement in the student's level of proficiency in the French language, possible fulfillment of home university curriculum requirements and subsequent credit transfer.

Most of the courses are designed from a European or French perspective and emphasis is placed upon international comparison.

Students should be motivated by the international experience of studying in France.

Specific Features

The SELF program is a semester program or an annual program.

It usually starts at the end of August / in early January and ends mid-December/end of April.

Admission conditions

Admission criteria:

The SELF program is open to students (exchange/non-exchange) who fulfill the following requirements:

1- Academic background:

Students should have completed a minimum of two years of university studies; the academic level of SELF corresponds to upper-division undergraduate level.

2- Level of French:

  • The SELF semester program is designed for students with a level of French ≤ A2
  • The SELF annual program is designed for students with an A1 level in French
  • Students staying for two semesters who arrive with an A2 level in French and have attained a B1 level at the end of the semester are directed towards classes taught in French for the spring semester (DEUF program).

3- Level of English:

For students enrolled in a university where English is not the official language, one of the official tests listed below is required:

  • TOEFL IBT: overall score of 80 or higher with 20 at least for each section – only the official test will be accepted (the local institutional version is not adequate)
  • TOEFL ITP: overall score of 560 minimum and 50 at least for each section
  • IELTS: overall score of 6,5 and 6 minimum at each section
  • TOEIC including speaking, writing, listening and reading test: overall score of 1020
  • Cambridge Advanced: A/B
  • Cambridge Proficiency: C minimum

The English test has to be provided upon nomination (end of April for the fall semester and end of November for the spring semester) by your home university.

NB: The tests listed above must have been undertaken no more than two years prior to the commencement of SELF program.

Enrolment procedures

Tuition fees:

The tuition fees amount to 3000€/semester for non-exchange students. No fee for exchange students. Additional fees like the French social security apply to non-European students.

Application deadlines for fee-paying students:

  • 15 October for the spring semester.
  • 15 May for the fall semester.

Application procedure

Exchange students: please revert to your home University


Application for spring semester 2017/2018: please contact

Contents of the program:

• Common core curriculum

o French as a foreign language : 60 hours per semester/5 credits

o Introduction to French Culture and Civilization: 10 hours per semester/2 credits

• Elective courses: Courses to be chosen (business and business culture, law and political science and humanities). For further information on courses available, please refer to the SELF webpage (please click on program description).

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