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Program Description

The sunny capital of Andalusia, Seville has so much to offer to students seeking a deeper understanding of Spanish language and culture. As one of Spain’s greatest cities throughout history, Seville is home to many beautiful and significant works of art and architecture, such as its famous Cathedral and the Hospital de la Caridad, filled with works by the celebrated Sevillian painter Murillo. Even Spain’s most revered writer, Miguel de Cervantes, was inspired by this enchanting city during its golden age as the Spanish Empire’s gateway to the Americas.

It is said that the idea for Don Quixote came to him while imprisoned here in the Royal Jail. Not only does Seville have a rich and important cultural history, but it is also very much alive today! Known worldwide for elaborate festivals like Feria de Abril and Semana Santa, flamenco dancing, and gourmet tapas, there is no better place to immerse yourself in Spanish language and culture. EUSA’s experienced faculty, engaging courses, and cultural activities will help you discover the best the city has to offer!


Coruse Name

Semester Year Language

History of Contemporary Culture

Historia de la Cultura Contemporánea

1 1 Spanish

Introduction to Sociology

Introducción a la Sociología

1 1 Spanish

Spanish Language: Language Skills and Communication Competencies

Lengua Espanola: Saber Idiomático y Competencias Comunicativas

1 2 Spanish

Contemporary Aesthetic Movements

Movimientos Estéticos Contemporáneos

1 3 Spanish

Spanish Film History

Historia del Cine Español

1 3 Spanish

Comic Strips and Cartoons

Cómico y Humor Gráfico

1 4 Spanish

History of Political and Social Thinking

Historia del Pensamiento Político y Social

2 1 Spanish

Sociology and Social Structure

Sociología y Estructura Social

2 1 Spanish

Ethnological Cultural Heritage

Patrimonio Cultural Etnológico

2 1 Spa & Eng

Historical and Artistic Cultural Heritage

Patrimonio Cultural Histórico y Artístico

2 1 Spanish

Art Direction

Dirección de Arte

2 2 Spa & Eng

Myths and Imaginary of the Audiovisual Culture

Mitos e Imaginario de la Cultura Audiovisual

2 3 Spanish

Literary Trends in Contemporary Culture

Tendencias Literarias en la Cultura Contemporánea

2 4 Spanish

Program Details

The program fee covers 5 EUSA courses, plus one extensive Spanish course included for no additional cost. All programs can be customized to fit student needs: please contact the international office for more information.

All EUSA courses, as part of our 4 EHEA accredited degrees, share the following characteristics:

  • ECTS: Up to 30
  • Course Format: 4h per week; 2x2h sessions
  • Fall Semester Dates: mid-September to end December
  • Fall Application Deadline: June 14
  • Spring Semester Dates: beginning February to end June
  • Spring Application Deadline: November 15
  • Language of Instruction: Spanish/English
  • Attendance: Min 75%

What's Included

The Study Abroad Program is designed for international students wishing to live a life-changing experience by studying abroad at EUSA for one semester or an entire academic year. Students will benefit from quality education, personalized attention, and all the advantages of a private institution.


Up to 5 courses/30 ECTS (15 US credits) credits per semester

Our Study Abroad Program options include Semester or Year studies in any of the regular courses offered in EUSA official degrees. These courses are open to local students and may be offered in either English, Spanish, or both. Courses at EUSA are equivalent to 6 ECTS credits.

Application and Credit Certification issued by EUSA.

Please contact the international office for academic advising in order to prevent credit transferability issues with your home institution, to clarify academic policies or for any other academic-related queries.

45-hour Extensive Spanish Course

EUSA is an Accredited Centre by Instituto Cervantes, Spanish counterpart of the British Council, or Goethe Institute. Placement exam to be taken onsite and levels distributed according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

  • 45h in 1 semester
  • up to 15 students per class
  • Qualified, highly experienced, ELE expert teachers
  • Course materials
  • Course certificate & diploma
  • ECTS credit transfer possible

Academic Advising

The International Relations Office staff supports all incoming students in order to facilitate student integration into regular Campus life and to assist in the resolution of incidents.

Support & Services

24/7 Force Majeure Comprehensive Assistance

Service not available during bank holidays, holiday periods, and official festivities.

On-site Orientation

EUSA Orientations are mandatory. One of the main topics covered during orientation is Health and Safety. In addition, prior to program start, health and safety are sent to participants via email. Eusa follows the recommendations published by the Forum of Education Abroad in their Standards of Good Practices. In particular, the standards on Health, Safety, Security, and risk management.

On-Campus Student Insurance

Visiting students will also receive coverage from a Scholar Insurance for the time they are within university premises. Students are required to secure their own Medical Insurance through the EHIC – European Health Insurance Card or any other insurance during the whole time of their stay.

Housing Search Guidance & Support

The EUSA International Office will assist and guide incoming students in finding accommodation, current market pricing, housing location, safety concerns, cultural adaptation issues, and other related matters. Unless otherwise specified, housing is not included in the program fee for any of our agreements with Independent Students, Sending Universities and Study Abroad Providers. Hence, all housing arrangements will be independent agreements made between each individual student and the different providers.

There are several types of accommodation that EUSA visiting students can choose from for their study abroad experience in Seville. There are no best or worst types, as each of them has its pros and cons: students should decide what type of accommodation best suits their Study Abroad goals. Traditional formats of housing accommodation in Seville include:

  • Host Families.
  • Student Dorms.
  • Shared Apartments.

Tandem Buddy Program

EUSA offers international students the possibility of improving their Spanish language skills and further cultural exchange by pairing off visiting and local EUSA students wishing to practice their second languages and enhance global understanding.

EUSA Student Card

The EUSA student card offers a wide range of advantages to all students enrolled at the Campus. The agreements with nationwide and local businesses offer up to 20% discount on regular prices.

Discount on Pre-Semester 60-hour Intensive Spanish Course

The discount on the 60-hour Intensive Spanish Course is only available for those students completing their semester abroad at EUSA.

Last updated Jun 2020

About the School

EUSA is one of the educational components that constitute the Campus of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville, a unique configuration with two locations in Seville, in the heart of the city and on La Car ... Read More

EUSA is one of the educational components that constitute the Campus of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville, a unique configuration with two locations in Seville, in the heart of the city and on La Cartuja. The campus has a current student population of over 2000 with 15% internationals. This exceptional learning environment is directly linked to the world of business and labor market needs, promoting innovation and creativity with unique learning pathways. Read less