Startup for Fashion Course


Program Description

Not only new ideas. Not just managerial and strategic skills. New technologies and a reshaped competitive environment have radically changed the concept of a company and the way ventures are created, from the structure to the processes, up to new professional roles, design innovations and emerging business models.

Fashion Entrepreneurs must be able to surf in the compelling waters of a new ocean: the one of a global venture-oriented fashion industry. A revolution that requires to link an entrepreneurial insight with a market opportunity and the competences of business design for getting a competitive edge. Let’s call it starting a new business.

Key facts

  • Director: Nicola Guerini
  • Vice Director: prof. Alba Cappellieri
  • End of registration: 23 December, 2019
  • Lectures’ start: 3 February, 2020
  • Lectures’ end: 28 February, 2020
  • Duration: 4 weeks, 120 hours
  • Frequency: 80% of overall classes is the minimum required to get the certificate
  • Location: Milan, Campus Bovisa Politecnico
  • Value of the course: € 2.600 (VAT 22% included)

A reduction of the economic value equal to the 20% for Students and Alumni MFI is provided, while seats last.

The Course is in English.

During the whole course an Italian - English bilingual Teaching Assistant.

Course Description

The course focuses on innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, accompanying students through all phases of the entire process to create a creative and innovative start-up operating in the fashion industry, from the generation of an idea and from research to the development of the project, from the business plan to branding and communication, from obtaining venture capital financing to the definition of strategic growth over time.

The course aims to provide the tools and knowledge necessary to interpret, predict and support the phases and trends of fashion and is aimed at students and professionals, creative, who have the basic objective to develop the ability to interpret the evolution of this complex sector, giving life and continuity over time to successful commercial activities.


The ‘Fashion Law’ course is carried out by the Milano Fashion Institute Faculty, composed of academics and practitioners from different backgrounds: fashion design, graphic design, and management of companies in the fashion system, and is carried out in collaboration with leading professionals and companies in the sector. A multidisciplinary team of teachers, to ensure the most complete understanding of the topics covered, and to enhance the opportunities of the students within the sector of reference.

Educational goals

The aim of the course is to train professionals with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, both for the creation and development of their own brand, but also, more generally, to acquire fundamental skills required by the job market today.

Students who have completed this course will be able to:

  • know the main features of the fashion system, understand the specificity of the various types of production and organization of the fashion business and the luxury sector
  • develop innovative projects, from concept phases to development
  • identify market opportunities and develop effective management strategies
  • develop business models and business plans for fashion companies
  • develop marketing, branding and communication strategies and acquire basic graphics knowledge.

Why take this course

The course offers the unique opportunity of a highly specialized faculty in the fashion industry, composed by internationally renowned professors and professionals who, through the sharing of experiences, contribute to providing students with an updated picture of the system, together with networking professional opportunities.

'Startup for Fashion', therefore, offers not only an interdisciplinary theoretical preparation but also a wide range of opportunities and experiences in the field, such as project works and visits to companies in the sector, to put into practice the acquired knowledge.

The teaching model is composed as follows:

  • In classroom Lectures
  • Case studies and best practices
  • Exercises
  • Project works and mock trials

Traditional in classroom lectures are alternated with case discussions, meetings with professionals from the sector, in-class exercises and project works. In addition, career orientation will be provided to the students that aim at working in the sector.

At the end of the course, an MFI certificate is delivered to each student.


  • Entrepreneurship & Business Planning
  • The Fashion System
  • Fashion Law: turn on your venture
  • Product Design
  • Collection Management
  • Digital Fashion
  • Sales Management
  • Startup Bootcamp

Selection process


To apply for admission, the candidate must:

  1. Fill the online application form, available on
  2. Attach the CV in European format in the online application form, available on

After receiving the documents, Milano Fashion Institute will inform the applicant on the selection final result (admission or non-admission).

Admission Requirements

In order to apply for the admission to the course, the candidate must be currently enrolled in a degree course in economics/design/engineering/science or have a diploma equal or superior to a degree.

Financial commitment

The participants are required to have a significant commitment both personally and financially.

The total cost amounts to €2.400, payable as follows:

  • 1st installment > €1.200 on the acceptance of the application;
  • 2nd installment > €1.200 by 13 June 2019;

Costs include a part of the study material and the use of facilities of the Institute.

Financial aid is provided for Masters students Milano Fashion Institute and Alumni Milano Fashion Institute.

Last updated Apr 2020

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Milano Fashion Institute is a consortium set up to provide higher education in the fashion sector by three Milan universities: Bocconi University, Cattolica University and Politecnico of Milan. These ... Read More

Milano Fashion Institute is a consortium set up to provide higher education in the fashion sector by three Milan universities: Bocconi University, Cattolica University and Politecnico of Milan. These three universities represent an international centre of excellence, drawing on consolidated experience in the research and training activities for businesses in the fashion sector in the fields of management, communication and design. Read less