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Programma sports coaching

Sports Coaching was created in response to an increasingly urgent need to balance the technological and competitive in sports and mental fitness of athletes to this new reality.

Most often appear in different forums, debates and articles, comments on the importance for professional athletes: the concentration, emotions, anxiety, mental control and many other items related more to his personal attitude, with its technical skills.


This program is designed to:

• Provide knowledge and tools necessary to carry out the whole process of Sports Coaching.

• Provide a level of reflection leading to share experiences and build knowledge about managing people in sporting environments.

• Propose practical cases and real situations in sports entities and / or professional athletes.
Participants at the end of the program, can help the athlete to achieve maximum performance through:

• Recognize situations that may facilitate or hinder performance.

• Identify strengths and areas for improvement to set professional development goals.

• Provide opportunities for self-reflection that enable continuous improvement and achievement of the objectives.

• Manage extremes of success or failure.

• Manage relationships with their personal and professional.





It is essential to know the origins of coaching, state of the art and the different definitions in order to establish what is and is not coaching, its scope and main applications.Participants will be able to clearly differentiate the concept of sports coaching over other techniques aimed at improving individual and group performance.


The process


Recognize the stages of the comprehensive process of coaching is key to understand what are the techniques or tools that I use to successfully carry out the process. A logical sequence of interventions, we can more accurately plan each session and maximize productivity in every one of them. Makes clear the objectives from the start will help us develop an action plan with measurable indicators to facilitate monitoring and control of commitments.



Main concepts


For each stage of the process, it is necessary to apply different concepts that allow us to broaden our scope and, ultimately, have a greater number of alternatives to accompany our interventions successfully as a coach.


In some cases these concepts are known, to a greater or lesser extent, by the participants, the difference is in how and when to apply them correctly in accordance with the needs.

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