What does the "Specialization in Renewable Energy" offer?

This interdisciplinary program provides knowledge on different renewable energy technologies, development and project management, financing, support mechanisms and profitability. The contents in solar energy, wind energy, bioenergy and small hydroelectric plants are complemented with modules on electricity for those new students in these subjects. In addition, an optional week of internships will be held at the EARTH University campus in Costa Rica.

"Specialization in Renewable Energy" is perfect for those who are interested in developing or starting a career in the renewable energy sector. Both public and private sector professionals, engineers, consultants, traders or entrepreneurs, among many others, can benefit from the contents of this academic program to access this fascinating industry.

  • Technology
  • Project management and development
  • Financing
  • Legal frameworks

Distance education: Study at any time and from anywhere

The distance training is ideal for those students who combine their training with other activities, or who can not travel to attend face-to-face courses. Thanks to the combination of materials for self-learning with virtual classes, videos, self-assessment exercises and working groups, "Specialization in Renewable Energy" is designed so that students can organize themselves with full flexibility and feel properly advised during the learning process .

"Specialization: it has great content, it is not only a theoretical and practical tool, but a great experience of life, it loads you with knowledge and reasons, it is an excellent opportunity" - Felipe Alfaro Solís, Reventazón Hydroelectric Project, CR - ICE, Costa Rica.


  • Apply no later than August 1
  • Hold a university degree
  • Have a good level of Spanish management
  • One year of professional experience

Excellent Professional Coverage

  • Public administration (for example, Ministries or energy agencies)
  • Private sector
  • Implementation of projects
  • System design
  • Technical advice
  • Electricity providers
  • Project managers in financial institutions or banks
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Economists
  • Consultancy
  • Commercial technical specialists


In 2019, 5 partial scholarships will be granted to future students of the Specialization in Renewable Energy. All applicants are eligible to apply for partial scholarship. For the five selected fellows, RENAC will cover part of the enrollment (€ 600 each out of a total of € 2,600). At least 2 of the 5 scholarships are reserved for candidates to promote the career of women in the field of renewable energy.

For any questions you may have about the Specialization in Renewable Energies you can contact Prof. Mildred Linkimer of the EARTH University in Costa Rica ( mlinkimer@earth.ac.cr ) or Diana Dardón of the RENAC team in Germany ( dardon@renac.de ).
Program taught in:
  • Spanish
Last updated July 10, 2019
This course is Online, Campus based
Start Date
12 months
2,600 EUR
1 payment of € 2,600 or 3 payments of € 900
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