Specialization in Educational Communication


Program Description

  • Degree awarded: Educational Communication Specialist
  • Training level: Specialization
  • Methodology: On-site
  • Program duration: 1 YEAR
  • Credits: 28
  • Registration fee for the year 2019 $ 3,568,800

* The General Administrative and Financial Council of Uniminuto sets the fees to be charged for tuition and subsidies for all academic programs, in accordance with the socio-economic contexts where the institution is present, therefore the tuition and subsidy values will present differences between venues and academic programs (Agreement 112 and 113 of 2018 and 114 of 2019).

  • Snies: 10448
  • Knowledge area: Social and Human Sciences
  • Academic Unit: Communication Sciences
  • Academic quality: Qualified record
  • Qualified Registry Number Resolution No. 2100 of February 19, 2014 - Validity 7 years

Presentation of the program

Social commitment

The Specialization in Educational Communication assumes a commitment in the promotion of communication processes and training for the management of conflicts and citizenship, based on the study and appropriation of the components that determine the role of communication and training processes in the generation of a new sense of social interaction and of the democratic life of Colombian society. In accordance with the principles of social development that characterize the Minuto de Dios Organization, it is identified with the human and social development principle of Uniminuto . Likewise, it guarantees a permanent and coherent dialogue with the principle of social projection of the Faculty of Communication Sciences.

Critical, reflective and creative capacity

The Program focuses the training process on the promotion of a critical competence of students against the triggers of the social, economic and political reality of the world and the country ; Therefore, it promotes a reflexive and analytical attitude towards the study of theoretical and conceptual references that define the field of training in relation to the issue of citizenship; at the same time, it fosters creativity to understand the languages of the contemporary world, the role of media and communication technologies in the socio-cultural order, and will work on the consolidation of action research proposals in the processes that generate coexistence and citizenship

Approval Resolution No. 2100 of February 19, 2014 - Validity 7 years

Profile of the applicant

The candidate for Educational Communication Specialist will be a Social Sciences professional, or of any other discipline, with great interest in the analysis of national and international reality, in the understanding of the processes of cultural transformation of society and in the recognition of the training spaces of people in contemporary society, where media and new technologies of training and communication have a leading role.

The applicant will be a professional interested in the management of social development projects related to education, communication, culture and citizenship. Therefore, it will demonstrate the capacity for critical analysis, the expression of its thought in oral and written form, and a high sensitivity for research and the study of topics related to the field of communication-education.

Graduate profile

The graduate is a Specialist in Educational Communication that understands the new senses of politics and citizenship; recognizes the various scenarios of education; formulates research problems and proposes educommunicative intervention strategies that are a scientific and development contribution for the communities in which it is located; responsibly manages the potential of the media and technologies in the symbolic enrichment of society, in particular, in the redimensioning of politics and the experience of social interaction.

It also has an ethical sense in the appropriation of the theoretical-practical knowledge of the Specialization, and in the social projection of its management proposals from the field of communication-education.

The Uniminuto Educational Communication Specialist will be able to:

  • Plan and manage projects in Educational Communication to promote training processes in coexistence and citizenship, in different educational social scenarios.
  • To advise, in public and private entities, the management of proposals in Educational Communication, in educational institutions, in community settings and virtual spaces.
  • Participate in research and innovation projects that address issues related to the field of communication-education, culture, citizenship, politics, among others.
  • Design educational strategies based on the management of the Media and ICT, in relation to processes of citizenship, political culture and pedagogy.
  • Promote educational programs, both formal and informal, in the field of media and NICT, in public and private institutions, and in organizations committed to education and the cultural and social development of the peoples.

Entry documents

  • Fill out the registration form.
  • Attach a photocopy of the identity document (citizenship card, identity card, passport, corresponding visa, immigration card or the valid document that proves that it is in process).
  • Attach a photocopy of the Degree Certificate in the undergraduate program.
  • Attach labor certification or related experience, when the program for which you wish to register so requires.
  • Attach receipt of payment of registration fees.
  • The other requirements required by the Program to which you enter, which have been duly authorized.

Scholarships, subsidies and discounts

Uniminuto has established a series of agreements at the inter-institutional level, to achieve the continuity of the academic process of the students and for this, it has the support of the following entities:

  • Outsourcing Bussines Company SA (Colfondos)
  • SIGN
  • District Secretariat of Social Integration
  • ATLAS Group
  • Codema
  • Colsubsidium
  • SNR
  • Bancamía
  • Bogotá legal status
  • Acosta Restrepo Brothers Foundation
  • Solidarity Foundation for Colombia
  • Andean Center for Technical Studies LTDA.
  • Agrarian Bank of Colombia
  • Cooperativa Multiactiva Crucial DC
  • Sodimac Colombia SA
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