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All our Spanish learning programs are short-term, practical and very intense and take place in Spain. They each have different objectives, which are suitable depending on your needs and learning stage. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get more information and a FREE language assessment of your level.

Diverbo provides a personalized service and makes sure each student gets the most out of an educational experience that suits your specific requirements, availability and budget.

Here is a summary of the programs we offer:

Spanish classes (on demand): This program is for all levels. It’s a personalized service that offers unique content that is personalized to the students’ specific needs and objectives. The teacher adapts to the students’ time and availability. The classes are recommended for all types of profiles.

Villa Española: Our 3-day residential course combines classroom Spanish with teachers with conversation practice in social hours. It’s perfect for beginner students who want work hand to hand with a teacher and also suitable for intermediate and or high levels students who want to work on certain aspects of the language while practicing their listening and speaking skills. It’s especially recommended for business professionals.

Once the grammar foundations are set, a language needs to be put into practice outside the classroom! Live the language among Spaniards and be totally immersed in the culture.

Pueblo Español: If you have had hours of Spanish grammar class and not enough conversation practice, you will truly benefit from the 8-day immersion. This program is suitable for students who have an intermediate level or higher and looking to improve their general listening and communication skills, work on their fluency and build their self-confidence. We have a program that is a perfect fit to your profile age, background and motivation for learning!

4-day Intensive Spanish classes: We offer a 16 hour intensive Spanish grammar course prior to the Pueblo Español immersion program, These classes are not mandatory, but definitely great for those who are at the bare minimum level (A2) or want to put their grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking skills up to speed and get ready for the immersion.


This is what makes our courses stand out from others:

  • practical courses, where the students are the protagonists
  • stimulating and entertaining atmosphere made comfortable by our expert facilitators
  • schedules designed to balance and maximize the learning intensity
  • activities focused to improve listening comprehension, communication skills, and self-confidence
  • only speaking Spanish spoken
  • valuable social networking
  • a combination of accelerated learning and culture immersion for an unforgettable life experience!


Our programs are for you if you want to:

  • acquire and consolidate grammar knowledge
  • improve your vocabulary, expressions and fluency
  • improve your confidence
  • be immersed in the Spanish culture
  • meet Spaniards from all over Spain
  • a stimulating and entertaining atmosphere made comfortable by our expert facilitators

Who are the students:

Whatever your age and background, we have a program that is a perfect fit to your profile!

  • Business professionals and Spanish enthusiasts
    Ages: +24 years old (age average 44)
    Students per group: 5 - 18
    Networking opportunities: Other professionals, mainly from the US and Europe. In the Pueblo Español immersion course you will meet Spaniards of similar ages and a variety of professions and backgrounds, coming from all over Spain.
  • Students
    Age: 14-18
    Students per group: 15 – 20
    Networking opportunities: Other students, mainly from the US, Canada and Europe. In the Pueblo Español course you will live the 8 days with Spanish high school students from all over Spain with a special interest in learning about new cultures.
  • University/College Students
    Age: 19-23
    Students per group: 12 - 18
    Networking opportunities: University students, mainly from the US. In the Pueblo Español immersion course you will be living with Spanish University students studying different majors, representing all of Spain.

When and where:

Spanish classes (on demand): Teachers’ availability goes from 8:00 AM to 20:00 PM, always adapted to the students’ needs. We recommend at least 4 hours of class a week to see advances You can start classes as soon as we find a teachers that can teach in the time table you choose.. Classes take place in our Madrid headquarters.Villa Española: The course takes place from Friday to Sunday in our company run hotel in Segovia (just one hour from Madrid). Availability depends on your level.

Pueblo Español: Programs take place in 4-star hotels, in beautiful locations of high cultural interest. Program availability depending on your profile. If you are business professional or a Spanish enthusiast (from 24 years old and above), you can choose from one of the weekly programs that take place from March to November. In the Summer months, there are specific programs for students between 13 and 17 years of age and another one for University/College Students, ages18 to 23.

4-day Intensive Spanish classes: The course takes place from Monday to Thursday from 9:30am to 1:30pm, in small groups of no more than 6 students. Classes take place in our Madrid headquarters.

We coordinate everything from Madrid, which is where you would have to organize your travel to at least one day before the start of the program. We will welcome you here and provide bus/coach transportation from Madrid to the venues. The meeting point is located near our main headquarters in Madrid and the bus departs on the first day of the program. On the last day of the program, you are brought back to the same spot. You are responsible for making your travel arrangements to Madrid (Spain), your accommodation in Madrid the night before and after the program.


Spanish classes: The price per session (60minutes) is 38€ (no registration fees, class material included, no extra charge for level tests nor assessments). There is a significant discount if the student books block hours (minimum 20hours).

Villa Española: There are two options:
The weekend course with individual classes. That is a ratio of one teacher per student. (There is a minimum 2 students, maximum 5). The total price is € 1,250 per student.
The weekend course in group classes. This includes a teacher for every 3 students. (There is a maximum 6 students, two groups of three students of similar levels). The price is € 750 per student. You will be advised of the weekends available as soon as your level has been assessed.

Pueblo Español immersion: The full program price, includes full room and board in a private room, transport to and from Madrid to the venue, activities, excursions, material and insurance is 1,950€.

Student and University programs: The full program price including full room and board in a shared room, transport to and from Madrid to the venue, the excursions, material and insurance is 1,380€. All minors traveling alone can book welcome and departure package for about 200€. The service includes: airport pickup/drop-off, your hotel in Madrid the night before/after the program, meals and chaperoning during your stay. Your only expense during the program would be soft drinks outside of meals and souvenirs!

4-day Intensive Spanish classes: The total price of 4-day Spanish intensive classes is €192. If booked with the Pueblo Español course, the price of the course is €155.

What are the application steps:

  • Ask for more information!
  • If you don’t know what level you are at, we’ll schedule an assessment level test for free! In a 10 minute conversation, we can advise you which program suits you best!
  • Check availability and book a date!
  • Make your reservation and start planning your travel to and from Madrid, Spain
  • Arrange accommodation in Madrid and prepare for the Spanish learning experience.
  • Review notes and prepare yourself to forever improve my Spanish speaking abilities!
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About the School

Diverbo is all about full Spanish immersion! With expert staff, Diverbo facilitates short-term intensive Spanish courses. Whether you need to improve your grammar or fluency, the programs are carefull ... Read More

Diverbo is all about full Spanish immersion! With expert staff, Diverbo facilitates short-term intensive Spanish courses. Whether you need to improve your grammar or fluency, the programs are carefully designed so that students are constantly being challenged to use Spanish in a variety of contexts. Read less
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