Space design - interior design


Program Description

Title Designer certified space Level II (Paris, 4th year with access to Nice) Certified Title Designer interiors Level III (Nice)

Duration of training: 3 years or 4 years involved in the design of the space, its development or rehabilitation. For it to meet the needs of its customer, to help resume the specifications according to the project requirements. It must bring coherence and relevance in the areas of housing, commercial architecture, scenography ... Our training is based on a theoretical and practical education. The student must acquire basic technical knowledge necessary to develop an architectural project: plan, elevation, section, perspective, materials technology, institutional norms, etc ... Employment in the sector is expanding. The pursuit of well-being, the aesthetics of colors and volumes, circulation, the ergonomics of the space ... are requirements that only a professional can master. For its practical learning and work alternately with his company, the student will learn to work with both individuals and agencies as well as all the trades related to the projects.

Title II RNCP level recorded at the National Directory of Professional Certification.


  • interior designer / architect collaborator
  • Designer space
  • Shooter plan
  • Development consultant
  • Site manager
  • Counselor-materials trader

Activity area

Interior designer, Consultancy, Building, Planning ...


  • Design Design Workshop
  • interior architecture design workshop
  • Art History - semiotics
  • Graphical representation and technical drawing
  • Map reading
  • Perspective, drawing and coloring
  • model volume
  • Infographics
  • Materials Technology


  • Autocad
  • Photoshop
  • Indesign
  • Sketchup
  • Kerkythea
  • 3DSMAX
  • Rhinoceros


  • Bac or equivalent
  • File & maintenance (presentation of personal work)


  • Initial training
  • linked training (professional contract)
  • Further education (CIF / CPF ...)
  • VAE (Validation of acquired experience)

Designer as the space is saved in RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certification) Level II under the number 26177 by ministerial decree of 26 May 2016, published in the Official Gazette on 07.06.2016, it is issued by the institution certifier ITECOM Paris. It is accessible from ITECOM Nice (former school).

Designer interiors as is recorded in RNCP Level III under the number 26153 by ministerial order of 05.26.16, published in the OJ on 06.07.2016. It is issued by ITECOM Nice (certifying institution).

The establishment ITECOM Art Design received OPQF qualification.

Last updated Apr 2017

About the School

Situated in Nice, in Cimiez area, between the Matisse and Chagall museums, our institution covers an area of 1000 square meters.

Situated in Nice, in Cimiez area, between the Matisse and Chagall museums, our institution covers an area of 1000 square meters. Read less