Social Entrepreneurship Programme for International Students


Program Description


The Social Entrepreneurship for International Students programme provides an opportunity for international students to experience South Africa, the city of Johannesburg and the University of Johannesburg’s campus life within the exciting field social entrepreneurship.

The programme includes the ultimate hands-on work experience within established social enterprises in the underprivileged areas in and around Johannesburg. Students influencing the way these businesses are managed.

This programme can best be described as an experience in change-making. In the three weeks, students’ perceptions and lives will be transformed due to being exposed to the realities of a developing country, whilst operating in a safe and educational environment.

The Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Social Economy’s (CSESE) developmental approach is a unique methodology within which skills are transferred to the student to adequately prepare them to engage in developmental work.

Students will experience South Africa, its history, its wealth but also its poverty in full. The knowledge and skills they acquire will stand you in good stead to assist social enterprises in SA and also build relationships that may last for years to come.

Step into the unknown and broaden your vision and skills through this powerful programme.


• A warm welcome and complete orientation on life in South Africa, and how to make the best of your visit and learning experience

• Get to know and experience South African history, politics and economy

• See the beauty of the Greater Johannesburg, the amazing life in our townships and visits to historical landmarks such as the cradle of humankind in and around Johannesburg

• Experience the University of Johannesburg (UJ) campus life, its rich history and the impact it has on the surrounding communities

• An introduction to asset-based community development and design thinking

• The history and the impact of the social economy, in particular social entrepreneurship in South Africa

• Meet our Ashoka fellows and some of the best social enterprises in the world

• Understand social entrepreneurship in South Africa

• Learn the needs of social enterprises working with vulnerable people in historically disadvantaged areas

• Become a residential social entrepreneur and a change-maker for social enterprise, and

• We provide you with accommodation, selected meals, transport and appropriate and guided weekend outings.


Three Weeks

Week 1 and 2: An introduction to South Africa, specifically the Greater Johannesburg area and the University of Johannesburg, an introduction to social entrepreneurship and the challenges social enterprises face and the difference you can make to support and improve these challenges.

In the last week, students are placed with a specific social enterprise in and around Johannesburg for the ultimate changemaker experience, to make a difference by assisting social enterprises in areas such marketing, strategic planning, project management and form lasting relationships on site. This could lead to lasting relationships.

NQF Level

The programme is on an NQF level 6 as per the South African Qualifi cations Framework.


The Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Social Economy (CSESE) is positioned within the Faculty of Management at the University of Johannesburg. The CSESE does ground-breaking research, provides training and promotes social entrepreneurship and the social economy.

We offer strategies and programmes, blurring the boundaries between business, government and non-profits, adopting and adapting the tools and knowledge from all sectors and disciplines to improve performance, develop new approaches and attract more resources to the social economy.

Enterprise development and job creation are key drivers in the country’s National Development Plan (NDP) as well as a deliverable for the private sector.

There is great potential for growth within the social and green enterprises, which currently lack capacity and support to make a greater impact.


Teaching and Learning:

Professional Development Programmes, a Virtual Incubator, Mentoring and Coaching, Volunteer Association (SEVCA) and a Fellowship Programme.

Capacity Building:

Conferences and colloquiums, workshops, a CSESE network - creating opportunities for partnerships as well as advisory services and a helpdesk.

Research and Consultancy Services:

The CSESE undertake research on behalf of reputable organisations or role-players within the social economy.


The CSESE is actively engaged in thought leadership to enhance the thinking around the social economy’s visibility and how it is defined within the context of the larger economy. Also, ways in which socio-economic growth can be stimulated to add fiscal value to the country and ultimately how to support enterprises in this sector.

Groundbreaking research has already emerged from the CSESE and we were responsible for the first colloquium on the State of the Social Economy in South Africa.




Academic Enquiries:

Ms. Adelaide Sheik


Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Social Economy (CSESE)

Faculty of Management

University of Johannesburg.

Tel.: +27 (0)11 559 1681


Programme Enquiries:

Mrs. Lisle du Plessis

Manager Study Abroad

Division for Internationalisation

University of Johannesburg

Tel.: +27 (0)11 559 2528


Last updated Oct 2019

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Vibrant, multicultural and dynamic, the University of Johannesburg (UJ) shares the pace and energy of cosmopolitan Johannesburg, the city whose name it carries. Proudly South African, the university is alive down to its African roots, and well-prepared for its role in actualising the potential that higher education holds for the continent’s development. Read less