A professional training of high level dedicated to the trades of the scene. Orchestra Pro organizes its training around three major artistic disciplines: singing, dancing and theater. It offers a unique curriculum by proposing to address the aspects of live performance that contribute to the production, exploitation and dissemination of a work.


over two years

Singing (18 hours)

Vocal technique / Interpretation / Solfeggio singer / Choir / Choir / Improvisation / Dubbing / Construction of a repertoire / History of music Home studio / French and English phonetics / Health and voice / The voice

Produce and organize your show

Dance (3 hours)

Jazz Technique / Dancing with a partner

Dancing in a chorus

Theater (3 hours)

  • Comedian Games
  • Actor Games

also included

Administrative trades of live performance

Direction / Production / Dissemination / Communication / Public Relations Marketing / Ticketing / Reception

Technical trades

Technical Direction / Régie / Machinery / Structure / Lighting / Sound / Audiovisual / Video / Spectacle / Sets / Accessories / Costumes / Hairstyle / Makeup

Body and mind

Workshops: Mime / Clown / Puppets / Gestuel Theater / Sophrology / Yoga

Acquired skills

  • Master your vocal technique
  • Mastering one's interpretation
  • Having edited his repertoire
  • Know your body and know how to manage stress
  • Understand songwriting and composition mechanisms specific to the song
  • To know notions related to the History of music
  • Know the experience of the stage and its technical environment
  • Have notions of Jazz dance and dance with a partner
  • Have notions of acting and actor games
  • Know how to control your image and communicate your artistic universe
  • Know how to put your voice in professional recording condition
  • Understand the aspects of production, exploitation and diffusion of a live performance
  • Know how to produce and organize your musical show

Become a Singular Artist

"It is not so much the song that is sacred, it is the link that it creates between the beings" *

The spirit of training

  • listening
  • Open-mindedness
  • The pleasure associated with the requirement
  • Team work
  • Awareness of what surrounds the profession
  • The commitment
  • The determination

Pedagogical approach of the manager

Valery's approach is based on an awareness of the world, of others, and of oneself.

He seeks above all to identify in the pupil what is "true, authentic and particular" and to retain the strength of his personality while leading him to a technical and emotional mastery of his tool and his vocal signature.

Through his classes, he trains each student towards determination and the will to achieve his goals with all the awareness of the stage and production partners. He seeks to elevate him towards an open mind, a desire to surpass himself and a thirst for novelty.

Philippe Barraqué

Two Possibilities to Integrate Training

Acces Internship


  • You must send a CV, a cover letter and a 1-minute audio recording in MP3 or WAV format (the other formats are not accepted) to the following address: valery@orchestra-pro.com
  • It is mandatory to attend the workshop with a song learned by heart.
  • The choice of the song is made by telephone exchange at least one week before the day of the training.
  • The musical support (MP3) is to be sent before the stage to the following address: valery@orchestra-pro.com

Course schedule and schedule on 3 hours:

  • 15 minutes of vocal warm-up (body, breathing, vocalizations)
  • 15 minutes of theatrical vocal exercises of the acting game (emotions, improvisations, etc.)
  • 15 minutes of theatrical improvisation sung.
  • Solos of about 10 minutes per person - Work on interpretation.

During the solos, the teacher also solicits the other trainees if necessary in order to create situations of games and to stimulate the soloist in exercise.

At the end of the internship, the pedagogical manager validates or not the admission of the trainee in the training course.

Orchestra is a member of the CNFPI, so the training offered can be financed by AFDAS-type organizations, for example.



  • You must send a CV, a cover letter and a one-minute audio recording in MP3 or WAV format (the other formats are not accepted) to the following address: valery@orchestra-pro.com
  • It is mandatory to go to the audition with two songs learned by heart.
  • The two musical supports (instrumental tracks in MP3 format) are to be sent before the audition to the following address: valery@orchestra-pro.com

Procedure and duration of the hearing:

  • The candidate must present himself at the audition by having prepared two songs with opposite emotions (stroll and up-tempo) which he must know by heart.
  • The hearing lasts an average of 20 minutes (the candidate will have an appointment at a specific time)


The payment of the training is to be paid at the time of registration of the student. It is possible to pay in several times under conditions.

Two payment methods are available: check or cash.

The 2018-2019 rates are as follows:

  • Year 1: 5850 euros
  • Year 2: 5850 euros

Annual admission fee: 60 euros

Program taught in:
  • French

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This course is Campus based
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Oct 2019
2 years
11,820 EUR
5850 euros per year. Annual admission fee: 60 euros
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June 30, 2020
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