Short Course in Upcycling Fashion


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Program Description

  • CAMPUSES: Paris, Istanbul
  • DURATION: 2 weeks / 60 hours
  • FORMAT: Day time
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • INTAKE: July 2021
  • TUITION FEE: €1,500
  • LIMITED TO: 20 students per class

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The students involved in this program will discover a unique way of recycling previously un-wearable items or old clothing, creating a more sustainable way of shopping, creating and thinking. This program was initially created to plant a seed, now that Upcycled Fashion is trending this class now offers the opportunity to step into the world of Sustainable Fashion. Since Sustainable Fashion is the future of retail, our future depends on us to be smarter with our textile waste. With over 21 billion kilos of clothing landing in our landfills every year (the US alone), not only is this class fun but a necessity, worldwide. IFA Paris and Born Again Vintage will open the international doors of Sustainable Fashion via this Upcycling and Clothing Reconstruction Class.


When a student can turn their old jeans into a fashion-forward jacket or an old sweater into a trendy crop top, you are opening doors to a new way of looking at old/used clothing. One of the most surprising elements of this class is that no sewing experience is needed, and all experience levels can create recycled fashion. Students leave with a feeling of accomplishment that if they want something new they can create it without spending a penny or going to any store. That changes the way they shop and ultimately how they see their own textile waste. Change starts small but has an ongoing impact.

Teaching Strategies

The students will be taught how to deconstruct a garment and reassemble using key parts of the garment. Students will have several choices of projects that will be geared to their experience/skill level. Having the students deconstruct a garment piece by piece - reteaches how a garment is constructed.

Once each garment is completely deconstructed, students will determine with my help what key elements of the garment they would like to keep and the parts they want to discard.

The pieces are then reassembled creating a completely different garment, the discarded pieces serve as extra fabric needed to embellish a finished garment. Most to all of the original piece is used and/or ideas are given to utilizing leftover fabric. This teaches the zero-waste concept.

What they learn at the end is that with a little work and creativity you can make something new from something old and old clothes are never seen the same way again.

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About the School

The Paris Fashion School for Design and Business. In the words of Suzy Menkes, IFA Paris is where to “Learn the French way of seeing fashion as art.”

The Paris Fashion School for Design and Business. In the words of Suzy Menkes, IFA Paris is where to “Learn the French way of seeing fashion as art.” Read less
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