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Program Description

From the drawing of the main idea to the making of the garment and selection of the right fabric. A course to anyone interested in the design of a fashion collection.

The Fashion Studio Course is a complete and comprehensive 256-hour program regrouping 3 themes: Fashion Design, Draping and Pattern Making and Textiles. Upon completion of this course, students will gain the essential skills necessary to develop a basic mini collection. The modules taught are structured around each step composing the creation of a range of outfits, from inception to realization.

The Short Courses at IFA Paris have been constructed on a unique modular planning in order to allow participants to customize their learning experience by electing 3 options:

Modular Learning: Students have the opportunity to select very specific modules, ranging from 16 to 24 hours, in order to address precise needs related to their current or future career paths Thematic Learning: Students have the possibility to choose between 3 courses with themes focusing on Foundation of Fashion Design, Textiles Technology and Draping and Pattern Making Foundation. Comprehensive Course Learning: Students have the possibility to combine the 3 thematics within one comprehensive course titled “Fashion Studio”.

Foundation of Fashion

Module 1: drawing figure 24 hours. Learn how to draw a woman figure from the basic skills to the creation and personalization of your own figure

Module 2: product + technical drawing 24 hours. Learn the vocabulary of fashion, to recognize and describe a garment, and to learn the basic skills of technical drawing

Module 3: color 12 hours. Learn all about colors, how to create the right color palette and to develop a collection with a successful color balance

Module 4: inspiration and creativity 28 hours. Project leading to the process of illustrating an idea and developing a creative vision

Textile Technology - Foundation Course

Module 1: textile theory 12 hours. Guide to fibers, material-making methods and uses of typical used materials, casual clothing and accessories

Module 2: fabric book 12 hours. Knowledge recorded within individually crafted fabric book to be used as a reference for future modules

Module 3: Fabric experimentation 20 hours. Fabric experimentation and manipulation for the garment construction. Techniques of knitting, printing, dying and embroidery to help create fabrics

Module 4: creative fabric collection 32 hours. Personal collection using creative fabrics, and basic garment Building a concept, searching for inspiration, developing ideas, the realization of a personal garment to be produced with a creative fabric

Draping and Pattern Making - Foundation Course

Module 1: the base 24 hours. Mannequin measurements techniques, first draping, techniques of stitching

Module 2: the skirts (basic and flare) 32 hours. Volume and ease requirement for a straight skirt Dart placement and amount for bodice Toile finalizing with pinning and presentation on the mannequin Flares skirt making & making a skirt with dart-slit and waistband in fabric

Module 3: the dresses 1 (yoke dress) 32 hours. Volume and ease requirement for a provided design Dart placement and amount for a dress, draping yoke for a dress Toile finalizing with right pinning, a presentation on a mannequin Dress basic making in fabric, sleeve with gathers, neck facing, hem

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Last updated May 2020

About the School

The Paris Fashion School for Design and Business. In the words of Suzy Menkes, IFA Paris is where to “Learn the French way of seeing fashion as art.”

The Paris Fashion School for Design and Business. In the words of Suzy Menkes, IFA Paris is where to “Learn the French way of seeing fashion as art.” Read less
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