Short Course - Made in italy through art & design

Istituto Marangoni

Program Description

Short Course - Made in italy through art & design

Istituto Marangoni

The magic and success of Italian design is known the world over; this course takes students on a journey to understand the ingredients of that success. It is suited to those who are curious about the origin and context of Italian design, and will be taught through field study activity, and underpinned by theoretical knowledge. Design experts will help participants build the picture of what makes the made in Italy a global player in the creative ideas for iconic products of the past and in the market today, by unpacking and explaining the visual language of Made in Italy.

Course themes

week 1

Participants are introduced to Italian culture narrated through film and photography, from the neo-realist in Italian cinema, the dolce vita through to the work of Pier Paolo Pasolini. What better way for a full emersion into Italian culture and the historical context than Italian cinema? This sets the scene for the development of the programme for the following two weeks.

week 2

Art: from the discovery of coloured pigment through to the heights of master painters and sculptors in the renaissance, the Arte Povera movement in 1960 and beyond, Italy has been an inspiration and the home of creative talent for centuries. Participants will explore the rich patrimony that exists in architecture, landscape design, painting and craftsmanship. They will become familiar with the contexts in which these works were produced and the visual language adopted. They subsequently will be able to recognize the contemporary artefacts and design ideas in the luxury brand markets of today that find roots in this Italian tradition.

week 3

Fashion and Design: both these areas are an expression of art and the evolution of culture and lifestyle. Significant activity in areas of architecture and furniture design took place in the 1920s and 30s, but the real explosion on design came about in the post-war years while for fashion the turning moment will be the early 70’. Participants will be given insight into the step by step development of business models that have led to the shaping and channelling of raw Italian creativity and know-how into the luxury design empires in both fashion and product design. These companies today continue to flourish and set fine example of the quality and popularity of the Made in Italy brand.


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  • 29 jun 2015 - 17 jul 2015
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