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Program Description

Tante Marie Culinary Academy is pleased to announce that we are now providing the Assessment in Marine Cookery – the Ship’s Cook Assessment – a vital step in achieving the compulsory Ship’s Cook Certificate of Competency.

This course is ideally suited to experienced chefs who are already working onboard a vessel and need to update their certification, or to chefs who have solid industry experience and are looking to begin a career at sea.

The Tante Marie Culinary Academy is based in central Woking, just a 20-minute train ride from London, Waterloo. Our state-of-the-art facilities combined with our online ‘Virtual Learning Environment’ (VLE) means our Academy is the ideal place to gain the accreditation you and your crew need, as quickly and simply as possible, to ensure compliance with MLC 2006.

With this programme, students can gain an internationally accredited qualification created by Tante Marie and The Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH).


Course Summary

For new and existing chefs looking to gain the compulsory, Ship’s Cook Certificate of Competency. This assessment is run over 4 to 5 days and offers flexibility to those with Accredited Prior Learning.

What is the Assessment in Marine Cookery?

The Ship’s Cook Certificate is a mandatory requirement for all chefs on UK-registered commercial vessels operating more than 60 miles offshore and with 10 or more seafarers on board. This qualification replaces the previous Merchant Shipping (Certificate of Ship’s Cooks) Regulations 1981.

Ship’s cooks may qualify from the age of 18 and minimum sea time has now been reduced from 5 years to one month. To be eligible for the Ships’ Cook Certificate, applicants are required to have completed Standards of Training Certification, Watchkeeping (STCW) basic safety courses and hold a current Medical Fitness Certificate. Therefore this assessment is only part of the overall certification process.

The new culinary training has encompassed cultural, religious and shift worker catering and dietary requirements, and Food Safety in catering. Additionally, ALL crew who handle food are required to hold the minimum of Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering. (Supervisors and Head Chefs are strongly recommended to hold a Level 3 Certificate in Supervising Food Safety).

Please note that the MCA will no longer accept online or ‘in-house’ Food Safety Certification. These qualifications must be attained through an accredited provider with a physical supervised examination. Tante Marie will provide Food Safety Level 2 and HACCP training as part of the course, with online access to our Virtual Learning Experience (VLE) after registration and in advance of course commencement.

If you already hold a valid UK Ship’s Cook Certificate under the Merchant Shipping (Certificate of Ship’s Cooks) Regulations 1981 or hold professional chef qualifications, the MCA may accept these as evidence of Accredited Prior Learning and you may only need to complete certain elements in order to apply for your SCC.

Eligibility and Application Process

In order to be eligible for this assessment candidates must:

  • be aged 18 years or over
  • have a proven track record of work experience in a professional kitchen
  • hold a professional cookery qualification at Level 2 for UK (Tante Marie can advise or see MCA MSN 1846 for a list of acceptable prior qualifications)
  • have a proven track record/portfolio of skills that can be cross-referenced to course requirements
  • have competent, spoken and written English and numeracy skills, including using a calculator

To apply, please read carefully the MCA MSN 1846 (M) and MCA MIN531 (M) documents which list the requirements for eligibility and previous accreditation and qualifications. Then contact Tante Marie Culinary Academy and we can give you further advice on course availability and fee structure for the elements of the course that you will need to attend in order to gain your Assessment in Marine Cookery.

Last updated Feb 2018

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As the UK’s longest established independent cookery school, Tante Marie Culinary Academy has developed an internationally acclaimed reputation for excellence.

As the UK’s longest established independent cookery school, Tante Marie Culinary Academy has developed an internationally acclaimed reputation for excellence. Read less