Senior Management Development Program


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Program Description

Drive Your Company to the Future

Development Program for high managers, aimed at Entrepreneurs, counselors, and positions of maximum responsibility in which they develop the capacities to lead the Organization in a coherent way, allowing to deepen attitudes and aptitudes according to the most innovative contributions in the field Of the Management.


Program Content

Business Situation Analysis

The objective of this subject (BSA) is to introduce, involve and exercise its participants in the process of analysis of unstructured management problems, developing the skills of synthesis and decision making, characteristics of business management.

Analytical and Financial Accounting

Control systems are key components in the implementation of the Strategy. They aim to align the objectives of the members of the organization with the corporate objectives, thus increasing the possibility of achieving them.

The objective of the area is to provide an overview of the discipline of control in its three basic aspects of financial accounting, cost information and monitoring and control of the objectives of the organization. Discussing during the same subjects of this subject that concern executive vertices of the companies.

Financial accounting is the way to communicate the situation and evolution of the company to third parties. We pay special attention to the measurement of corporate performance, the relationship between the economic and financial profit and the main ratios to take into account when looking at an accounting statement.

Cost information is internal information that makes it easier for executives to make excellent decisions. We will focus on price and product decisions discussing situations with different deadlines and capabilities.

People Management in Organizations

The objectives of the sessions are as follows:

  • On the one hand, to identify how human resources policies, and more specifically those of retribution and development, influence people’s motivations.
  • On the other hand, understand the importance of the attitudes and behaviors of professionals for their own motivation.
  • And finally, identify how you can develop a management system that encourages people to be more effective.
  • To deepen the nature of the organizational conflict in the structure of the company, with special reference to the union conflict.
  • Give a structured view of the different policies of Human Resources Management, from a strategic point of view to give value to the company.

Marketing and Commercial Management

The area of ​​Commercial Management and Marketing is oriented from the perspective that Top Management should have on aspects and problems of marketing and commercial In the sessions the case is the main vehicle used for the transmission of the content of the program for study in the different sessions.

Production and Operations Management

The operations strategy is a set of decisions that compromise the long term, by which it is intended that the resources dedicated to the field of operations respond in a coherent way, supporting the achievement of the strategic objectives of the company.

Logistics management and supply chain management continue to strengthen their importance in the modern business world. The advent of globalization and e-commerce make good logistics management so important to succeed in the 21st century.

General Management

The work of the top management of a company is a task that is conditioned by the circumstances of the entity itself and the environment where it is inserted and also by the perspective and personal characteristics of its leaders. That is why there are several approaches and therefore, there are many theories about what is the direction or the business government.

In Business Policy – from the academic perspective of a field of knowledge – what is sought is to understand the task that these leaders perform, observing what they do and how they do it and, summarizing these actions, trying to understand them and, to the extent The possible, to find a conceptual frame of reference that gives shelter, with a certain order and, if it could be, simple and suggestive. And this is the fundamental objective of the Area (or “subject” in the most conventional sense of the word) of General Management at the MID ATLANTIC.


Negotiating effectively implies knowing in depth the negotiation process, each of the variables involved in it and the interaction between them through good preparation. It also means mastering the strategies that facilitate the creation of value and not only and exclusively for the benefit of one of the parties but achieve the maximum for all parties involved. Only from this perspective can we build solid and trustful relationships that allow us to keep clients loyal, both external and internal.

Digital Business

This course aims to explore IT-related topics from the point of view of business management. Develops a set of concepts, frameworks, and models to help students understand how organizations can increase their IT-based capabilities and make them a competitive advantage. It shows the participants the recent technical developments that shape the current competitive framework.

Admission Process

The admission process begins once a 5-year professional experience has been accredited and a personal interview is held.

Completing the application form, attaching 2 passport-size photographs.

Once the requirements have been met, a letter of admission to the programme will be sent.

Last updated Feb 2020

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MID ATLANTIC Business School is the business school of the Universidad del Atlántico Medio with a clear vocation to serve society, it has allowed us to be at the forefront of executive training in the Canary Islands, developing and inspiring business leaders who have generated and generate a profound, positive and lasting impact on people, companies and the society in which they operate. Read less