Review and appreciate some of the main themes and productions of contemporary culture from the different perspectives offered by the humanities.

Benefits of the program

  • You will understand the complexity of contemporary media under the pretext of the Trump era.
  • You will develop the literary taste as a means to understand diverse historical and cultural contexts.
  • Understand and appreciate the importance of stories in different areas.
  • You will appreciate the best movies in the history of cinema and you will increase your knowledge about the seventh art.
  • Understand and appreciate the musical language and its forms, styles and genres through the different historical and cultural periods of the world.

Addressed to

Public in general with an interest in cultural appreciation; directors of schools, housewives, students and retirees.

Content of the program

The Seminar Understanding Culture in the 21st Century consists of five modules, which total 60 hours of study.

Module 1. The best cinema in the world (12 hours)

  • 8½ and The battleship Potemkin
  • L'Atalante and The man with the camera
  • More heart than I hate and The passion of Joan of Arc
  • The rule of the game and 2001: space odyssey
  • Citizen Kane and Dawn
  • Tales of Tokyo and Vertigo

Module 2. Pure Stories and Some Legends (12 hours)

  • Modernity, progress and narration (19th, 20th and 21st centuries)
  • Wars and postwar
  • Love and culture
  • Globalization and the multi-region tale?
  • Speed, effectiveness: minimum story in the context of telecommunications (tweeteratura)

Module 3. The Media in the Trump Era (12 hours)

  • Governing in the era of social media is it possible?
  • Media and networks: the difference that matters
  • Trump and the press: without honeymoon
  • Keys to follow (not understand) Trump

Module 4. Musical Appreciation (12 hours)

  • The elements of musical language: melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre.
  • The Gregorian Chant and Medieval Music.
  • Baroque and Chamber music.
  • Pianists and Literature in the Music of Romanticism.
  • Modern Music, poetry and experimentation.
  • Music and Religion in the Middle East.
  • Popular and concert music in Mexico.

Module 5. Storytelling: The Art of Telling Stories (12 hours)

  • The principles of the story applied to Storytelling in organizations and Marketing.
  • The use of tools related to the narrative: characters and structure of the Christopher Vogler Model based on Joseph Campbell.
  • The Storytelling model for business.
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Last updated November 5, 2018
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