Seminar in Strategic Management of SMEs


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Program Description



Strengthen the knowledge and skills of the owners / owners and managers of SMEs in the fundamental areas and disciplines of business management, such as: strategic planning, marketing, finance, and human resources management.

The participant will develop a strategic and multidisciplinary perspective of the company that allows him to examine and solve in a better way the complex problems associated with the management of his company.

Benefits of the program:

  • Identify the areas of opportunity and strengths of their companies to improve their competitive position.
  • Apply concepts and management models to real business problems through case discussions and exercises.
  • Identify tools and structures to solve problems experienced with the performance of their companies.
  • Apply tools aimed at improving the professionalization of the company's management.
  • Establish a medium-term development plan with indicators that allow the manager to give timely follow-up to the results based on the expected achievements.

Addressed to:

Entrepreneurs, general directors of SMEs and partners. At least 3 years of experience in business management is recommended.

Content of the program

The Seminar on Strategic Management of SMEs consists of eight modules , totaling 80 hours of study in total.

Module 1. Management Skills (10 hours)

Identify the director's skills necessary for outstanding performance.

  1. Definition of the strategy to the business objectives
  2. Difference between manager and leader
  3. Leadership Characteristics
  4. Principles of leadership
  5. Definition of the Human Capital strategy
  6. Alignment of Human Capital

Module 2. Business Model (10 hours)

Refine the business model for an effective market-company alignment.

  1. Definition of the business model
  2. The value proposition
  3. The clients
  4. The infrastructure
  5. The profitability of the company

Module 3. Commercial Strategy (10 hours)

Develop the commercial strategy that increases the sales volume of the company.

  1. The concept of marketing / opportunity identification
  2. Consumer analysis
  3. Segmentation and positioning
  4. Product strategy
  5. Price strategy

Module 4. Strategic Management (10 hours)

Establish the strategic direction of the company.

  1. The strategic planning process
  2. Diagnosis of the competitive strategic position
  3. The competitive advantage: concepts, resources and sustainability
  4. Corporate strategy: diversification and creation of value
  5. Implementation of strategies

Module 5. Operations Management (10 hours)

Align internal processes and resources to the strategic orientation of the company.

  1. Business vision of operations management
  2. Macro organization - business process
  3. Process representation
  4. Operational variables of the activity
  5. Flow system
  6. Human capital

Module 6. Human Resources Management and Organizational Culture (10 hours)

Define staff management mechanisms based on the strategic orientation of the company.

  1. Business strategy and human resources management
  2. Organizational structure: Fundamental concepts and their design
  3. Management systems: Management control and incentive systems
  4. Process representation
  5. Competence evaluation and career development
  6. Training and training

Module 7. Financial Strategy (10 hours)

Formulate the mechanisms to optimize the financial operation of the company.

  1. Fundamentals of financial mathematics
  2. Fundamentals of financial management
  3. Financial analysis and control tools
  4. Financial planning
  5. Fundamentals of financial evaluation of investment projects

Module 8. Corporate Corporate Governance (10 hours)

Define the government entities that best support the corporate performance of the company.

  1. Board of directors
  2. Investors Assembly
  3. Family Council
  4. Corporate governance best practices
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