Interest to Russian language in the world is increasing, more and more foreigners wish to be able to speak Russian without mistakes, clearly delivering their thoughts. The teaching staff of the university has a vast experience in teaching correct pronunciation, proper construction of sentences, rules and exceptions of the language to representatives of foreign-language environment. It is getting necessary to know Russian. It is a means of communication of business community, intercultural communications, scientific and research contacts. Minin University is one of few high schools in Russia that teaches Russian to foreign students with a following right to teach this language at their home country.

Core disciplines

— linguistic fundamentals of teaching Russian language in a foreign environment

— ethnolinguistics

— practices of presentation of Russian culture

Foreign students have an opportunity to try their hands at the university — for them the teaching practice is organized within the walls of Minin University. Due to the contracts made by Minin University with partner high schools in China and Poland students get a chance to do a practical teaching training abroad.

Moreover, there is a «Guest professor» program. Lectures and practical classes are given by professors from foreign partner universities. Our students daily receive unique knowledge from the world’s leading experts.

Graduates of the program are highly qualified specialists in teaching Russian in multiethnic classes; in foreign educational institutions, preparing specialists who can speak Russian; they know technical translation in the sphere of business, cultural contacts. Moreover, the bundle of knowledge received at Minin University, enables the graduates to be demanded as translators from Russian.

Program taught in:
  • English
  • Russian
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Sep 2020
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Sep 2020
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Sep 2020

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