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It is understood by Rigging the creation of the skeleton of a 3D model (joints, muscles and bones) needed for the animator can move and position their characters correctly. It is a fundamental for the character or 3D object can act realistically in the animated work before the animation step. The "rigging" is one of the specialties most valuable in the complex process of 3D animation.

To whom it is addressed

To all those students, technicians or animation professionals with basic knowledge of Autodesk Maya program who wish to specialize in the office of Rigger through learning the tools necessary for creating a Rig.

Course Objective

To provide students with the necessary for the creation of rigs that provide optimal usability tools animator. For this, the student must assimilate specific techniques "Rigging" as: facial rigging, creating joints, blendshapes and controls generation tools, IKs and FKS learn the basics of skinning and deformation of expressions.


Completely practical computer work individually and in a small group.


Creating a Rig

  • Creating a Rig,
  • facial Rigging

Joints and other deformers

  • Differences between different deformers and profits
  • Creating joints and other deformers as Blend shapes, wraps, etc.

Creating controls

  • How to create controls
  • How to connect the controls with deformers

Script generation

  • Generation tools,
  • Bases to create a autorig

Creating IK / FK

  • Difference between different IKs and FK
  • How to make a switch from one to the other


  • Bases of skinning,
  • Weights: Painting, Export, Import, and Copy


  • Professor: Joan Buhigas
  • Duration: 64 hours
  • Software: Autodesk Maya
  • Hours: Monday from 16:00 to 20:00
  • Dates: From March 13 to July 17
  • Capacity: 12 students
  • Price: 420 €
  • Requirements: It is essential to have basic knowledge of Autodesk Maya
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This course is Campus based
Start Date
Mar 2020
4 months
420 EUR
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Start Date
Mar 2020
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Mar 2020

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