Public Relations Management


Program Description

Public Relations Management

Key Information

  • Course Code: MPRS103B
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Fee: £2645

Course Outline

Issue Management

  • The rise of issue management
  • Tools and processes
  • Developing an issue strategy
  • Evolution of issue management

Crisis Public Relations Management

  • Where do crises come from?
  • How to prepare for a crisis
  • Communicating during a crisis
  • The Internet and crisis public relations management

Public Affairs

  • Locating the role of public affairs within the organization
  • The scope of public affairs
  • Lobbying
  • Public affairs management

Integrated Marketing Communications

  • The marketing communications toolbox
  • Segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP)
  • Branding and integrated marketing communications
  • Planning for integration of the marketing communications mix

Corporate Communication

  • The purpose of corporate communication (or frameworks for practice)
  • Corporate communication in practice
  • The organizational context: how corporate communication fits into organizational structures

Target audience

This public relations training course is suitable for:

  • Chief Communications Officers
  • Public relations and communications directors, managers, practitioners, and staff.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this PR training course, you will be able to understand:

  • How to characterize an issue and the difference between issues and other management problems.
  • That issues progress through a life cycle and the stage an issue has reached.
  • Characteristics of issues and the different driving forces of corporate and activist issues.
  • Issue management as both a communication discipline and as a component of broader strategic thinking.
  • How to develop a basic issue strategy using a four-step plan.
  • Concepts of crisis and crisis management.
  • The value of communication to crisis public relations management.
  • Different crisis types and how the crisis type affects crisis communication.
  • Key principles in crisis public relations management.
  • How to apply principles of crisis public relations management to actual crisis cases.
  • The effects of the Internet on crisis public relations management.
  • The nature, role, and scope of the public affairs function and its relationship with public relations.
  • Key theories, principles and their development and application in contemporary public affairs.
  • The potential contribution that public affairs can make to organizational strategies and goal attainment.
  • The knowledge, skills, and competencies required of today’s public affairs professionals.
  • How to analyze and apply public affairs theories/principles to practice.
  • Integrated marketing communications issues.
  • The importance of integrated marketing communications to organizations and their publics.
  • Key principles and methods used to integrate marketing communications activities.
  • How to apply key principles of integrated marketing communications to real-life scenarios.
  • How corporate communication is conceptualized and practiced, recognizing the implications of different perspectives.
  • The influence of different ways of conceptualizing corporate communication (from a marketing as opposed to a PR or organizational communication mindset) when reviewing public relations practice and the implications of this.
  • How to select effective frameworks for analyzing the purpose and practice of corporate communication – using concepts of legitimacy and social capital – to identify key objectives.
  • That the ability to practice corporate communication in particular ways is affected by how the function is placed within (or integrated into) organizational structures.

What is Included:

  • 30 hours of classroom-based training
  • Apple iPad
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