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Program Description

MIM LINC presents the latest distance learning course of the German Academy of Management and Economics AFW (AFW Wirtschaftsakademie Bad Harzburg GmbH) "Project Management" ("Projektmanager / in"). This is one of the first modern German courses on project management. Its popularity is constantly growing among German and Russian companies and individuals. Due to its compactness, unique construction in form, content and relevance of the topic, the course is recognized as one of the best German courses in the field of management.


The content of the educational process is fully consistent with the IPMA (International Project Management Association) standards, and in terms of importance is similar to PMI (Project Management Institute) in the USA. However, this course ("Projektmanager / in") has an advantage, since the training on the course is based on the practical application of project management knowledge. Graduates of the course (“Projektmanager / in”) can take PMP exams without being trained in PMI.

Course Outline:

1. Fundamentals of project management

  • Project objectives
  • Streamline project discussions
  • Cost estimate
  • Management of risks
  • Requirements

2. Structuring the project

  • Project organization
  • People in the project
  • Documentation
  • Profit and Loss Analysis
  • First meeting
  • Delegation of authority

3. Project planning

  • Project planning
  • Project software
  • Time and goals
  • Conversation

4. Project implementation

  • Project Supervision and Management
  • Communication and negotiation technology
  • Conflict and Change Management
  • Project crises or "What happened?"
  • Motivation

5. Summary

  • Prototypes and tests
  • Presentation
  • Completion
  • Knowledge management
  • Personal judgment
  • Saving Experience

6. Case study

  • A case from practice (for example, Volkswagen)
  • Best job in project management
  • Future project management

Training workshops

Orientation (introductory) seminar - reveals all the features of training on the course.

Professional training seminar - (2 days) - aims to develop the acquired knowledge in relation to activities as a project manager.

Additional intermediate seminars - help in understanding the project management tools and their application in practice.

Didactic (teaching) concept

The course owes much of its success to the unique modern didactic concept, which is specially designed for adult education. The learning process is filled with cases from the practice of working on projects to make possible a practical transfer to the most diverse areas of project management.

Supervision and support

Supervision and support is provided by MIM LINK.

A personal consultant for the period of study will answer any question regarding the course. Web-conference allows students to communicate with each other, discuss current topics, share experiences.

Graduation, certification and internship

Graduation - passing the exam (oral and written parts). After studying the material, completing all (six) written assignments, participating in a professional seminar and successfully passing the exam, you will receive an AFW Academy Certificate certified by the German State Department of Education, indicating academic performance. The Harzburg Certificate is a high appreciation of economic, managerial and administrative knowledge, recognized worldwide from the late 60s to the present. After receiving the Certificate, the opportunity of internship at enterprises in Germany or Austria is provided according to the profile of the student.

  • Tuition: 83,000 rubles. All services - training material, specialist consultations, participation in seminars and Web-conferences, examination procedure - are included. Everything is completely in Russian.
  • Duration of study - 6 months.
  • Start of training: 1st day of every month. The deadline for accepting documents 2 weeks before the start of training.
Last updated Mar 2020

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