Professional Thai Cuisine Diploma Program


Program Description

Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School is a French-Thai joint venture. We are the first school in the global network of Le Cordon Bleu schools that is offering a Professional Thai Cooking course. We are very proud of this initiative.

This innovative Professional Thai Cooking course has been created by expert Thai Chefs and is taught in the same way that French cuisine is: using the - Watch, Learn & Do method - where students observe a Thai cooking demonstration by our expert Chefs - followed by hands-on practice in our practical kitchens for each and every recipe.

The course provides a comprehensive professional Thai Cuisine curriculum with more than 200 recipes of traditional, regional, royal and modern contemporary Thai dishes - with the occasional guest demonstration by well-known contemporary modern Thai cuisine chefs. The programme also includes instruction in the delicate art of fruit and vegetable carving. Our Thai cuisine classes also include basic introductory modules in restaurant management topics which is ideal for those who want to become a Thai cuisine chef or to open a Thai restaurant in Thailand or overseas.

Discover the art of Thai cooking and the secrets of Thai cuisine from our expert Thai Cuisine Chef – Chef Rapeepat Boriboon. Chef Rapeepat won the bronze medal in fruit and vegetable carving at the “Thailand Battle of the Chefs 2006” and contributed many authentic Thai recipes for “A Symphony of Taste” which was voted the Best Fundraising Cookbook in Asia – including the Best Cookbook Design at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Paris in 2009. The Diploma and certificate, accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education, are awarded by Le Cordon Bleu which is considered to be the international passport to the culinary world.

Each cooking class includes a market visit, a cooking demonstration, food tasting, and hands-on activities which will enable you to create exquisite Thai dishes. Dishes include appetizers and snacks, salads, soups, curry and curry pastes, dips & sauces, main courses, rice & noodles and traditional Thai desserts.

Programme Structure


The history of Thai Cuisine

Introduction to Thai Cuisine & Desserts and Techniques

Supervised field trips and market visits

Presentation & Utilization of Knife and Equipment Skills

Traditional and Common Cutting of Vegetable

Basic knowledge of Thai Herbs & Spices

Introduction to fruit and vegetable carving

Plate decoration with banana leaves craft

The Principles and Practices of Food Hygiene and Safety

Introduction to Food Styling

Food preparation and production of a range of different dishes:

  • Appetizers and snacks
  • Salads
  • Stocks, soup, curry and curry pastes
  • Dips & sauces
  • Main courses
  • Rice & noodles
  • Traditional Thai desserts
  • Food Preservation: methods & techniques
  • Traditional Thai desserts
  • Thai herbal drinks


  • Introduction to Food & Beverage Finance
  • Restaurant Concept Development
  • Business Plan Development
  • Menu Management
  • Introduction to Food Safety
  • Fruit and Vegetable Carving
  • Banana Leaves Craft
  • Food preparation and production of a range of different dishes from Regional Thai Cuisine; Northern, Northeastern, Central and Southern parts of Thailand
  • Regional Thai Cuisine Project #1


  • Food preparation and production of a range of different dishes from Royal Thai Cuisine
  • Wine with Thai food
  • Introduction to Kitchen Lay-out
  • Food & Beverage Supervisory Skill
  • Chinese-Thai Cuisine
  • Modern Thai Cuisine
  • Fusion Thai Desserts
  • Special guests' cooking demonstrations:
  • Modern & Fusion Thai Cuisine and Desserts
  • Regional Thai Cuisine Project #2

Qualification: Diplôme de Cuisine Thaïe

Awarded by: Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School. The course is accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education

Terms Start: January/ April/ July/ October

Duration: 30 weeks (9 months). Students are required to study 3 terms consecutively

Weeks: The course is conducted for 3 - 4 days (18 hours per week)

Total hours: 540 hours

Language Conducted: English with Thai translation for Thai students

Course Fee:

  • THB 455,500 (Thai Course Fee)
  • THB 457,500 (International Course Fee)

**Remark: The course fee is inclusive of additional fees as follow:

  • Tuition Fee THB 390,000
  • Tool kit THB 50,000
  • Fruit-carving Knife THB 3,500
  • Uniforms THB 9,000
  • Application fee THB 3,000 (THB 5,000 for International Students)

Please note that all courses are subject to change without prior notice.

Last updated Jun 2018

About the School

Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School opened in 2007, is a joint venture between Le Cordon Bleu International and Dusit International - one of Thailand's leading

Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School opened in 2007, is a joint venture between Le Cordon Bleu International and Dusit International - one of Thailand's leading Read less