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Professional Development

Residencies and institutes for continuing professional education are embedded in High Tech High K–12 schools in San Diego, California and are facilitated by HTH students, teachers and school leaders. Participants engage in interactive workshops, observe classrooms and plan how they will put to practice new ideas at their school sites.

Winter Residency: Looking at Student Work

January 20-22, 2016

Participants look deeply at student work to improve project design, implementation, and assessment. New and returning educators will observe classrooms and interact with HTH students, teachers, and administrators. Workshop topics include details on student presentations of learning, collaborative assessment of student work, and the uses of critique in the classroom.

Deeper Learning: 4th Annual Conference

March 23-25, 2016

Deeper Learning 2016 is the premier international event for educators pursuing deeper learning in schools. In 2010, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation convened a group of leaders from some of the leading organizations in deeper learning. The Deeper Learning conference came from this community’s desire to bring the teachers and school leaders from those organizations along with others from across the country to do what the most successful learners do: work together to find reasonable and implementable solutions to authentic problems facing us today. This conference aims to connect educators who are implementing deeper learning in their schools, generate and better support deeper learning ideas in classrooms and help educators reflect on their own practice.

Summer Institute: Sharing Best Practices

June 20-22, 2016
The Summer Institute is High Tech High's largest annual event. Practitioners, school leaders, community partners, and charter and small school advocates from around the US and around the world come to High Tech High to learn about our principles and practices and to network with colleagues engaged in new school development and reform efforts. The Institute features interactive sessions on topics such as project-based learning, integrating math and science, working with diverse learners in heterogeneous classrooms, and more.

Fall Residency: Project Based Learning

October 2016
This residency is tailored for educators who are new to project based learning and the High Tech High design principles. We emphasize both the "how" and the "why" of project-based learning. Participants will talk with HTH teachers and students about their projects and learn ways to support both students and colleagues through processes of project tuning and critique.

Customized Residencies

HTH will co-design and facilitate a customized multi-day residency for visiting teachers and educational leaders, hosted at the HTH Forum and embedded within the HTH K–12 schools. Customized residencies require at least ten participants attending as a group for at least two days. Agendas are personalized and often include workshops that delve into core HTH principles and practices, classroom observations, and training in project-based learning and related pedagogy. A customized residency can range from two to five days.

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The GSE prepares educators to design and to assume leadership in programs with a parallel commitment to equity, rigor, and relevance for all students. Rather than create replicas of High Tech High, ed ... Read More

The GSE prepares educators to design and to assume leadership in programs with a parallel commitment to equity, rigor, and relevance for all students. Rather than create replicas of High Tech High, educators learning through the GSE are encouraged to use our clinical sites as a context for learning: an opportunity to take risks, reflect on practice and shape their own vision for effective teaching, learning and leadership. Read less